7 Local Professionals to Hire in 2019 by Paige A. Mitchell

You know we are all about supporting local businesses, helping to strengthen the economic base of our community. As you plan out your home and family needs for 2019, we’ve worked to compile a list of seven local professionals to consider hiring, including helpful links to some local companies.

Lawn care professionals and landscapers

Hiring local lawn care professionals and landscapers is beneficial because they are typically better educated and prepared to support the local growing environment in Bowling Green. Local professionals such as A Cut Above Lawn Care can offer a full maintenance program diagnosing and treating your lawn year-round. By selecting fertilizers, seed and weed control specific to your lawn and environment, you will receive the best option for your lawn. Not to mention great customer service from local specialists.  

Contractors and home improvement specialists

If you are ready to spruce up your home by upgrading a kitchen or bath, or are considering updating your flooring, consider using a local contractor and home improvement specialist. Local granite specialists Southern Kentucky Granite helps the environment by reusing pieces leftover from other projects, and its high-tech equipment can cut down on waste by 30% to 40%. 

Want to update your flooring but don’t know how different options will look in your home? Consider local supplier Shop at Home Carpets. Skip the large showroom and bring samples to your home instead. With this approach, you have the luxury of being able to compare and contrast flooring options with your paint and other surroundings in your home. 

Insurance groups

Obviously, when embarking on a home renovation, ensure whatever contractor you choose has the proper insurance to protect themselves and your investment. Checking with local insurance groups for recommendations of local, insured contractors is a great way to start. 

Local insurer Byers Insurance Group works to protect local contractors by ensuring they have appropriate product defects and liability insurance. This in turn relates to better protection for the homeowner hiring them, and less stress on the contractor so that they can focus on the project at hand. 

Handyman services and appliance repair professionals

If you’ve finally had enough of your continuously clunking washing machine or if your HVAC system is on the fritz, schedule an appointment with a local home repair professional through your home warranty network. There are many handyman services available to repair your appliances and complete small home improvement projects. Also, consider contacting the fire department for handyman recommendations. Many volunteer firefighters pick up handyman jobs in their off hours to supplement their incomes and continue to give back to the community. 

Interior decorators and local artists

Once you have updated your home and have it operating at full capacity, consider refreshing your interiors by hiring a local interior decorator or artist to add a special pop of flair. Local artists can often bring some of the local community feel into your home and decorations. One of our previous blog posts highlights numerous local artists, and Creative Interiors is a family owned business that has been decorating Southern Kentucky interiors since 1987. 


Tax season is upon us, and while many will use the big box agencies, consider supporting your local public accountants. They may have a better understanding of state tax laws, and they’ll be more available to you when you have questions. Just one example is Walter E Thomas and Associates, a family owned and operated business local to Bowling Green since 1976.


Time is fleeting, don’t let 2019 fly by without capturing the moments and memories by hiring a professional photographer. Whether it is for a special event coming up, such as a wedding or family reunion, or you want to update your family photos, there are numerous local photographers such as Su La Lune photography that can help document these special memories. 

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