Buy Local Month 2022


Buy Local Month 2022 is a shopping, arts, and entertainment event from November 15th- December 15th. We wanted to give southern Kentucky the chance to take those local dollars during the gift-giving season and keep them local (meaning with local merchants in southern Kentucky, Louisville, and Middle Tennessee since we know traveling does take place for these shopping trips). The key is to find non-chain stores and shop the small to medium businesses in our area. We are also during this month via Facebook and Instagram going to give HYPER-LOCAL giveaways (via social media) with local artists and businesses. Here are the events through the Buy Local Month during 2022:

Thanksgiving Meal Deals by Local Restaurants (Click each bullet point for details):

All Month Multi-Day Events:

Date Specific Events:

Tuesday, November 15th-
Wednesday, November 16th-
Thursday, November 17th-
  • 6:30pm- Pam Tillis & Kory Caudill, a Holiday Concert for the Human Family at Christ Episcopal Church of Bowling Green

Friday, November 18th-
Saturday, November 19th-

Sunday, November 20th-
Monday, November 21st-
Tuesday, November 22nd-
Wednesday, November 23rd-
Thursday, November 24th-
Friday, November 25th-
  • 7 am– Mellow Matt’s Music & More Black Friday Record Store Day Sale!

Saturday, November 26th-

Sunday, November 27th-
Monday, November 28th-
Tuesday, November 29th-
  • 5:30 pm– Women of Hope LIFT at Living Hope Baptist Church
Wednesday, November 30th-
Thursday, December 1st-
  • 3 pm-Retro Holiday Open House at The Hive, Inc.
Friday, December 2nd-
Saturday, December 3rd-
Sunday, December 4th-
Monday, December 5th-
Tuesday, December 6th-
Wednesday, December 7th-
Thursday, December 8th-
Friday, December 9th-
Saturday, December 10th-
Sunday, December 11th-
Monday, December 12th-
Tuesday, December 13th-
Wednesday, December 14th-
Thursday, December 15th-
Buy Local Month
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