Local Recipes

If there is one thing we know about our community is that it is benefited from the diversity of a major city without most of its headaches. We have so many cultures who have called Bowling Green home and their dishes are now part of our culture. We’ve decided to start adding them to the site. Feel free to click the links below and try your hand at cooking these delicious dishes.

Fruit Pudding recipe from Grandma, from Joni of JD’s Kitchen & Bakery (Menonite)
Chocolate Gravy from our Appalachian family
Pupusa Recipe from Mercadito Hispano from our El Salvadoran shop owner
California Burrito from Tacos Mi Jalisco straight from California
Uštipci from the Balkan regions to your home. From the family of Sanda Crnkic Mandrapa.