Dual Pricing Program

Virtually ELIMINATE processing fees while providing a contactless, secure payment method with Buy Local and JadaPay.

American businesses are going contactless with their payments. They are simultaneously saving payment processing fees—and virtually eliminating them. How would you like to pay virtually zero in monthly processing fees? As consumers go contactless too, why not enjoy lower savings yourself? You can do this by meeting the ever-increasing demand and need for NO TOUCH services. We believe cost-conscious businesses deserve a practical solution.

Our backend processing system, when combined with our front-end technology, is the most seamless plug-n-play cash discount solution available.

  • Several different options available for processing.
  • Gift & loyalty solutions are built in to our terminals, so reward customers with your own services instead of someone else’s!
  • Top-notch information and support on the cash-discount processing model is available.
  • Contactless payments are legally compliant according to Visa/Mastercard cash discount guidelines.
  • We have solutions for every business.
  • We provide Point-of-Sale Systems.
  • We offer Virtual Terminals and Gateways.

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