Why I am a Passionate Advocate for a Strong American Future through Immigration and Entrepreneurship.

You see, I’m absolutely excited to be working alongside immigrant and second-generation business owners (Roughly half of my clients). It’s a passion born from my unwavering belief in a robust American future, one where we continue to stand at the forefront. One that convinced my last Ancestor to immigrate to arrive in Philly from Wales in the 1800s. In my view, the United States must substantially increase the number of immigrants welcomed into our country each year if we’re to bolster our competitive edge and pave the way for an expansive future workforce.

Juan Empanadas BG, Second Generation!

Now, let me share some insights from the brilliant minds over at George Mason University. According to their immigration scenarios, if we fail to significantly boost legal immigration right now, we’re jeopardizing our position as the world’s largest economy by the year 2030. What’s more, this negligence could leave vital programs, such as Social Security, depleted by 2034. Our seniors and those becoming seniors will depend on a pro-immigration policy from our leadership. Not to mention they bring a way of looking at things and ideas that are out of the American-Born Box that encourages innovation as well as adds to our culture through arts and food styles not represented in the U.S. Landscape.

Sasa from all the restaurants. If you’re eating in BG, it’s probably one of his.

So, my friends, my fervor for working with these enterprising individuals isn’t just about entrepreneurship; it’s about safeguarding our nation’s prosperity, securing our global leadership, and preserving the very programs that form the bedrock of our society. That’s why I find such inspiration and purpose in collaborating with immigrant and second-generation business owners, for they are key to a flourishing American future. Champion the success of your local immigrant business owners by supporting their enterprises today. Additionally, don’t hesitate to convey your enthusiasm for fostering positive growth through immigration to your community, state, and national leaders.

Yong, Great American Donuts, and one the best business owners we work with.

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