Review: Broadway Up Close’s “Hudson Theatre Tour” – A Theatrical Odyssey Through Time!

Planning a trip to the Big Apple in 2024? Embark on a theatrical odyssey through the heart of Broadway with Broadway Up Close’s “Hudson Theatre Tour”—a dazzling gem that has quickly become our all-time favorite tour in NYC over the past year. For passionate theater enthusiasts craving an intimate connection with The Hudson’s storied past, this experience is nothing short of enchanting. Guided by the dynamic Green Team Guides and the unparalleled Tim Dolan, this tour transcends the ordinary, offering a captivating journey into the soul of Broadway’s oldest theater. It’s not just a walk through time; it’s an immersive adventure that left an indelible mark on our New York City explorations.

Currently (as of 23/24 season) showing Revival of “Merrily We Roll Along”

The Hudson Theatre’s recent restoration in 2017 unfolds like a carefully crafted narrative. The tour offers a backstage pass to exclusive spaces within this iconic venue, shedding light on its meticulous restoration after narrowly escaping the brink of demolition.

Our journey Bagan amidst the hustle and bustle of Times Square in 2023 (during a KPOP group appearing on Good Morning America the day after Thanksgiving) back to 1903, a vibrant era that sets the stage for the enchanting stroll leading us to The Hudson Theatre. As we traverse the streets, echoes of bygone tales linger in the air—stories of tragedy, encounters with Adolph S. Ochs, and the legendary figures of pop culture and Broadway whose presence graced the theater’s stage over the past century.

The transition from the lively streets to the hushed corridors of an empty Broadway theater marks the opening of a captivating time capsule. In this theatrical silence, illuminated by the original lighting crafted by Louis Comfort Tiffany, The Hudson Theatre unveils its rich history with vivid details thanks to the fantastic guide we had in Tim Dolan. It’s a rare and enchanting experience that seamlessly transcends time, allowing us to witness the layers of stories woven into the fabric of Broadway’s oldest theater.

Click Here for a look at some of the shows that have happened in this wonderful space’s history: https://www.thehudsonbroadway.com/about-us/past-productions/

Tim Dolan, Owner of Broadway Up Close Tours and Gifts (Of Boardwalk Empire Fame as well), elevates the experience with his vast knowledge and passion. Seriously, I am not sure anyone loves what they created more than the creator, Tim, of this tour. His love of the subject material is easy to feel as he pours information out in a way that it almost transports you back to the times he is talking about. Armed with iPads filled with rare photographs and videos, the tour seamlessly weaves together the past and present of The Hudson Theatre, creating a rich tapestry of anecdotes and insights.

Having attended two shows at The Hudson in 2023, including Alex Edelman’s “Just for Us” and the Revival of “Merrily We Roll Along,” we had the opportunity to speak with some of the performers for both shows and they gush over how gorgeous the space is and how rich its history is as they add to its prestige. An hour spent with Tim Dolan behind the scenes adds a personal touch, making the tour an unforgettable journey and a place that feels underappreciated in New York City. It’s our favorite theater in NYC for a reason.

From hosting The Tonight Show during the Steve Allen and Jack Paar eras to being a designated New York City landmark, The Hudson Theatre is a living testament to Broadway’s enduring legacy. With 970 seats across three levels, its exterior and interior are a celebration of history, earning it a well-deserved place on the National Register of Historic Places.

Dive into the extraordinary world of Broadway with Broadway Up Close’s “Hudson Theatre Tour”—more than a mere tour; it’s an absolute theatrical masterpiece. For those fervently devoted to the magic and history that define New York’s Theater District, this experience is an essential pilgrimage. Don’t just observe history; immerse yourself in it.

Planning a trip to the Big Apple? Ensure your itinerary includes not only booking a show at the illustrious Hudson Theater but also scheduling a tour with Broadway Up Close. While there, explore their store for fantastic Broadway merchandise that will undoubtedly be a cherished reminder of your Broadway journey.

Broadway Up Close is more than just a tour company; they are storytellers, whether under the dazzling lights of a theater or on the lively sidewalks of New York City. The Green Team, composed of working actors and stage managers, brings a unique blend of history, anecdotes, and personal career stories, providing an authentic, up-close look at the essence of Broadway.

Ready to be a part of this enchanting experience? Explore the tour schedule and more at Broadway Up Close’s website. Make your visit to New York City an immersive adventure into the heart and soul of Broadway.

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