Breaking the Mold: Embracing Unconventional Approaches for Success.

I highly value collaborating with individuals who possess diverse perspectives, particularly those capable of critically examining complex topics that have fallen victim to societal echo chambers. These echo chambers, perpetuated through repetitive persuasion, often limit our understanding of alternative viewpoints and creative problem-solving approaches. In my industry, where conventional sales tactics and rhetoric often lead to customer disengagement, I’ve discovered that adopting unconventional approaches and a genuine focus on problem-solving, rather than immediate financial gains, can distinguish one’s interactions and ultimately result in financial success.

I look to two artists when we talk about unconventional approaches. Prince and Missy Elliott made significant contributions to the music industry in their respective ways, reshaping it through their unique talents and innovations.

Prince, a musical virtuoso, seamlessly melded genres like rock, funk, R&B, and pop, reshaping contemporary music through pioneering synthesizers, drum machines, and innovative studio techniques, best exemplified in albums such as “Purple Rain” and “Sign o’ the Times.” His groundbreaking pursuit of artistic independence and control, symbolized by his iconic name change, not only set a precedent for artists striving for autonomy but also disrupted industry norms, solidifying his unique artistic identity. Additionally, Prince boldly challenged conventional gender and sexual norms, embracing gender fluidity and addressing sexuality candidly in his lyrics, igniting crucial dialogues on these subjects within mainstream culture.

Missy Elliott, a versatile artist as a rapper, singer, producer, and songwriter, transformed the hip-hop and R&B music scene with her innovative production and songwriting alongside producer Timbaland, crafting a distinctive and forward-looking sonic palette that left an indelible mark on numerous musicians. Her pioneering approach extended to her music videos, where she leveraged cutting-edge technology and imaginative concepts, pushing the limits of traditional music video conventions.

Both Prince and Missy Elliott were influential not only for their musical talents but also for their willingness to challenge industry norms and push creative boundaries. They left an indelible mark on the music industry, inspiring future generations of artists to explore new horizons and be unapologetically themselves.

Don’t be afraid to ask your staff the hard questions about how you run your business and how what you are doing is just another cliche in the field. It’s the hard conversations without having your feelings hurt that will help you expand your net to serve the most people. Remember, what you do is to better society first and your financial situation at best, second.

If you’d like to work with us remember you will be challenged to think outside the box. We also will press you to be uncomfortable. But, it will be fun while we do it. Email mepannell@gmail.com to discuss working with us. Currently we have a waiting list but if you have a vision that excites us we can make room.

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