Everybody Loves Simply Ramen BG and their Spicy Shoyu!

Restorative and comforting is what people say makes them love Simply Ramen BG. Bowling Green’s only Ramen shop has people losing their minds over their Spicy Shoyu bowl. It’s ramen in light chicken, pork and vegetable broth blended with soy sauce flavor, topped with pork chashu, shredded chicken, narutomaki, marinated egg, menma, corn, scallion, roasted seaweed, and chili oil!


“At the core of any great Ramen Noodle House, there is a desire to develop and provide a truly extraordinary dining experience. At Simply Ramen, the courses are built on seasonal properties, utilizing only the freshest, most delicious ingredients available. Our atmosphere is traditional but unique, and each dish is composed to ensure a bold yet simplistic culinary adventure.” Find them in real life at 312 Old Morgantown Road or online at www.simplyramenbg.com.

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