White Squirrel Brewery is Back, Taking Over Gasper Brewing’s Location in Bowling Green.

White Squirrel is taking over the location where Gasper Brewing currently operates at 302 State Street, in Bowling Green, Kentucky. On March 1st, White Squirrel’s new home will be at 302 State St. Bringing the location to it’s full potential as the former Gasper Brewery changes hands.

White Squirrel is in the process of planning various improvements to both beer production and customer experience. White Squirrel has committed to keeping most of the current Gasper staff. They also plan to honor the upcoming event obligations and scheduled dates that Gasper has already set for 2023. We are also in talks of other events to be announced at the venue.

Be sure to follow White Squirrel Brewery for major announcements starting tomorrow.

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