Yoga as Medicine – Keep Moving for Your Health!

A special blog post by Tony Bishop, E-RYT, Director of Hot Yoga Bowling Green, KY

During stressful seasons of life and to keep yourself functioning at your best, one thing is constant in its importance:  Movement.

Yoga is something that everyone practices, but only some realize they are doing so.

The gap between being intentional and existing randomly and haphazardly is huge – with yoga practitioners being leaders in intentional activity.

Modern practitioners include doctors, nurses, professors, CEOs, artists, statisticians, teachers, athletes, elementary school students, senior citizens, middle, high school and college students, entrepreneurs, new parents and more. 

You can begin to improve your mental and physical health today with a few changes which can have a tremendous impact on your entire life. If Yoga seems strange or “weird” to you, just remember that the word ‘yoga’ means ‘yoke’ or ‘control’. You choose to take control of your situations… or simply allow them to control you. It is a conscious choice. 

Begin now:  Drink more water. Consume less sugar.  

Then:  Close your eyes. Practice some slow, deep breaths. Straighten your spine. Shoulders back. Relax the face and roll your eyes one direction and them the other. 

Now:  Get up. Move. Check out some of our FREE online videos from Hot Yoga Bowling Green on Facebook, YouTube and Instagram. Breathe always! Yoga is about reaching for more – physically, mentally and even spiritually. Take your time and smile.

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