CDS #10 Guest Blog: “Are CBD and hemp oil the same thing?”

 Are CBD and hemp oil the same thing? No. Hemp oil is an extract from seeds and contains no CBD.

It is sometimes called cannabis sativa seed oil, which can be confusing. While hemp seed oil has antioxidants that can be good for the skin, CBD is the substance sought for anti-inflammatory and other beneficial benefits. CBD is found in the flower of the plant, not the seed. Although the terms are sometimes used interchangeably, there is a definite difference.

You don’t want to pay for something you aren’t getting so be sure to read the label and buy from a reputable source. 

CBD is everywhere.

There isn’t a day that goes by we don’t get asked if we’d like CBD oil. It’s probably the most popular new item in many stores. We even have seen it sold in a diner in Nashville. It was right next to the toothpicks and bubble gum. That said, it’s still medicine for your body and you need to be careful if you are currently on other prescriptions. CDS #10 Pharmacy has a great way to increase the effectiveness of your CBD Oil.

Number One.

Bring CDS #10 Pharmacy your current medication list. That way you can reduce the possible negative interactions with CBD.

Number Two

When choosing CBD Oil select a high quality product from a reputable company. This is an oil that is to be consumed to help your health. Make sure you are dealing with people who live to a higher standard. Buying it from a random business with no background for health can be risky. Take care of yourself and protect yourself from people profiting off a booming business.

Number Three

Find your optimal dose. People are different. The dose that works for your friend may work differently for you.

CDS #10 now carries a line You are going to want to try. We talk to pharmacist Darren Lacefield of CDS #10 Pharmacy about the many benefits of their Full Spectrum Hemp Oil products that can now be purchased in store. They are 100% Legal, Compliant & the 1st Approved under the 2014 Farm Bill. Click the above video for more!

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