“Warren County Wet=Small Farm Brewery” Guest Commentary From Devin Bell.

We are Cash Crop Brewery, a small farm brewery that we are planning to locate in Warren County. Before we can open we need your help. Right now there is a petition circling around, and we need 13,000 signatures to allow us to brew beer on our own farm. Currently as the law stands making, selling, or even possessing alcohol in the county is a crime. We are trying to change that with your help.

The Farm

Our farm grows its own grains, wheat, oats, and we are looking into planting our own hops in the future. We are trying to make beers that are as local to Warren County as possible. It’s notworkablee to have this brewery in Bowling Green’s city limits. Due to the size needed to grow most of your own ingredients. Also we are looking to give the people of Warren County an experience they cannot get in the city limits. Our farm is completely secluded. It’s surrounded by trees and wildlife, and wrapped by 5 miles of water frontage on the Barren River. We are looking to do sit down beer dinners, with beef from our own farm, completely outside. We want to bring the joys of nature to the citizens of Bowling Green and Warren County.

We kindly ask you to fill out the online petition. It would go a long way in helping us bring 100% local beer to Bowling Green and Warren County.


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