Staycation in Nashville with some delicious spots to Eat! #BuyLocalBGTravels

Everyone has their go-to spots in Nashville but we wanted to throw out some fun spots we’re loving currently. It’s always important to support the local restaurants in Nashville. We all know the big Lower Broadway and chain restaurants will get their tourists. So here are our Five (really six) suggestions for eating in Nashville.

Slim & Husky Pizza– Easily our favorite Pizza in Nashville. This initially Northside Pizza is a 90’s themed Hip Hop Pizza shop. Slim & Husky’s was founded on a shared dream inside of a garage in 2015. The clever name came from a joke the longtime friends have been laughing about for years. One of them has always been a slim guy, but the other two were always big fellas, forcing their mothers to shop for clothing in the children’s husky section. The Tennessee State University grads started the fast casual, gourmet pizza joint as a way to serve unique pies and provide jobs to their neighborhood in North Nashville. Now, Slim & Husky’s offers build-your own pizzas, take out options, catering services, and delivery through third party vendors.

Bolton’s Spicy Chicken & Fish or Princes Hot Chicken– Look, hot chicken is something everyone wants when they head to Nashville. It’s not our thing (maybe two times a year) but if you’re going to do it might as well do it right with either of those locations.

The Gambling Stick BBQ– Kentucky-born and raised Matt Russo has made one of Nashville’s best spots for BBQ. In the East Nashville section, this delicious BBQ can be found next to Groove Records and Porter Road Butcher Shop! At the Gambling Stick, they pride themselves on using all local, seasonal, ingredients, including pasture-raised meat from Porter Road Butcher to make their Appalachian heritage-inspired barbecue. Their meats are dry-rubbed and smoked with native Tennessee cherry until tender and juicy. No dry meat here. All sides are handmade in small batches using locally grown produce. In addition to ethical sourcing, they do everything they can to reduce waste and minimize their impact on the environment. It might mean more work for them, but being a positive part of their community means taking pride in more than just their great barbecue.

Hugh Baby’s– You gotta love a local spot that makes you want to eat Fast Food everyday. A classic American setup for fantastic burgers and more. “Often searched for, rarely found. Creating something that’s “simple” can be the most complicated thing to do. Hugh-Baby’s BBQ & Burger Shop throws back to a time when things were as simple as they could be. A time when even the smallest things were well-made with deliberate attention and care. When just because something was to be simply enjoyed, you didn’t throw craftsmanship and dedication out the window. We’ve brought back that same integrity to our menu with an obvious attention to detail that can be seen throughout. We illustrate this daily by grinding our own beef for our burgers, following time-honored Memphis barbecue traditions and showcasing the Corinth, MS, infamous “slug burger,” a depression-era favorite. Then we’ve combined these signature items with a small, straightforward menu that gives our guests more time to enjoy all the effort that goes into our food. That’s the clear-cut approach of Hugh-Baby’s.”

Vui’s Kitchen– This may be our current favorite spot for grabbing a meal in Nashville. Fresh and flavorful, they offer a range of Vietnamese favorites from pho noodle soup to their signature banh mi sandwich (we get the Vegetarian Banh Mi with French baguette, arugula, mayo, vegetables, jalapeño and fresh herbs with lemongrass tofu). Vui only uses whole food ingredients, loaded with fresh herbs and love. Nothing is fried and there’s no MSG – They’re simply real. Yes, we went to Hunter’s Station and grabbed some Hugh Baby’s fries to go with our Banh Mi.

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