A Locals Guide to The Perfect New York Walking Tour of Manhattan if you have 2 days. #BuyLocalBGTravels

We’re often at the mercy of the websites and apps to plan our trips in most cities. We’re taking some time over the next two weeks to talk with two locals about the ‘must-sees’ and ‘must-eats.’ Now I will warn you our friend Adam (A Kentucky Native) in New York City is going to give you a history-focused direction to see New York City. If you are looking for shopping and pop culture entertainment this may not be for you. BUT, he’s never strayed us wrong from seeing something beautiful and teaching us something. So here is his map of a great day(s) walking through Manhattan Island. Much of this is his words:

Ok, the biggest tourist mistake everyone makes is trying to go across the city for everything. Find what you want to do and make a map of where it is and time out the walking. The city is huge and you don’t want to spend all your time getting somewhere.

First Stop, check out Koreatown in the ’30s (street numbers). It’s just kind of cute and the food hall is a great spot for a bite. I think I would suggest either walking down Broadway from there and just feeling out the street culture. You will hit Flatiron (one of the world’s most iconic skyscrapers and a quintessential symbol of New York City)/ Madison Square Park/ Union square.

That’s about 20 blocks you will have walked.  Maybe an hour or more if you look at all the cool street stuff and architecture. You can jump on the 6 at union square and get off at Broadway/Lafayette.

From there head south and you are in Soho. Known as an artists’ getaway in the 1960s and ’70s, Manhattan‘s hip SoHo neighborhood is famous for its cast-iron architecture, trendy shops, and innovative art galleries. SoHo spans the area from South Houston Street to Canal Street, and is bounded on the east by Lafayette Street.

From there keep heading south to Chinatown. I would see if you can get a tour of Lower East Side Tenement Museum, it’s actually my (Adam) favorite Museum in NYC.

If you can, also get some beef at McSorley’s Old Ale House! Stop at McSorley’s or Hill Country Barbecue for lunch.

Once you get to canal you are in Chinatown. This is a great way to end the day. Explore the whole area. It’s a great way to experience not only a historical part of New York City but also to catch a great part of the city.

Now, if you have 2 days here is a great second day in Manhattan!

Make sure to take the sky tram! The Roosevelt Island Tramway provides the most modern aerial tramway in the world, running every 7-15 minutes from 59th Street and Second Avenue in Manhattan to Tramway Plaza on Roosevelt Island.

Here I made you a walking map of lower Manhattan. Click Here

That covers City Hall Park, 911 Memorial, Wall Street, Federal Hall, Southstreet seaport, Stone street, (eat at and see the meusuem at Fraunces Tavern), Bowling Green, Battery Park, The west side river walk, and the irish hunger memorial

Make sure to see the bomb damage from the famous Wall Street Bombing as well:

Wall Street bombing:

The Wall Street bombing occurred at 12:01 pm on September 16, 1920, in the Financial District of Manhattan, New York City. The blast killed 30 people immediately, and another eight died later of wounds sustained in the blast.

(Adam who created this path lived on that path for like 4 years)

Lower Manhattan is the best bang for your buck. There is something cool on every block.  DO NOT GO TO THE STATUE OF LIBERTY it wastes an entire day. That is my advice with 2 days if you had more I would suggest the museum row and stuff in Brooklyn, but that’s your best bet. Oh, if you have time walk out to the first Pier on the Brooklyn bridge the views only get marginally better and it’s a long way. Also, don’t forget to get wafles (correct spelling) at Dinges at city hall park,  Get something with speculoos on it!

Adam’s Editorial: “I love NYC its just too expensive.’

There is a brief look into a local’s picks for a 2 day venture into Manhattan!

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