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Part of Buy Local Bowling Green is to promote our local businesses. It’s also to bring some entertaining interviews and cultural discussions. Another element we’ve added in the past seven years is travel tips for different cities. We believe visiting the local businesses and experiences a city offers is the only way to experience them.

We have taken many trips to the Capitol of the South, “The A,” The Empire City of the South or more appropriate Atlanta. Right off the bat we stayed out by the Perimeter but most of the tourism was downtown. Getting a room for a big event may even push you north to the Georgia/Tennessee line. Here are our MUST HITS of local stuff we tried (We know there is more to explore in Atlanta and will do other posts in the future):

1. Heirloom Market– We found this on a prior trip while seeing a concert at the nearby Cobb Energy Center. This place is not where you would expect. A Korean BBQ that is at a convenience store front located at 2243 Akers Mill Rd SE. We went there for the Spicy Korean BBQ sandwich. OH MY:

This thing is amazing and constructed with pork chopped into cubes, piled onto a potato bun, adding with a good amount of kimchi coleslaw, and lastly a sprinkling of black sesame seeds and a sliced scallion. This is basically what they are known for but their Brisket we had is equal in awesomeness! Atlanta Magazine described these local owners backstory perfectly:

Chef-owners Jiyeon Lee and Cody Taylor met while working at defunct Repast, itself a showplace of next-gen East-meets-West cuisine. Taylor grew up in Texas and Tennessee. Lee recorded hit pop songs in late-
eighties Korea, then moved to Georgia in 1999 to attend Le Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Arts in Tucker. Several years ago, while the two were visiting Korea, they began to experiment with tenderizing brisket in soup made with miso. They wondered how the beef might taste smoked—exceptional, they discovered—and their ideas for cross-cultural barbecue began percolating.

We added a new feature while there (along with the brisket) the Tempura Sweet Potatoes. They are up to par with everything else we have had but, if you love sweet and fried this is your side dish. Fried with a tempura batter and served with their tempura sauce on the side, perfect for dipping. Really, this is north of town. Hit this place first as you move toward the city. Skip The Varsity, go to Heirloom.

Buford Highway Farmers Market- As you know, we’ve mentioned before, we are members of the Southern Foodways Alliance and they have discussed the culinary significance of these immigrant-owned restaurants in the Buford Highway area. The Must Do for the food lover is a trip to Buford Highway Farmers Market. There were things we’ve never seen in our lives fruit, vegetable, meat, and even processed food-wise. This is the most amazing local market under what could have been an old box store roof. You move all throughout the world in one visit:

El Rey Del Taco– Since you’ll be at Buford Highway Farmers Market give El Rey Del Taco a shot. Probably one of the best places I’ve had tacos in Atlanta but I’ve been proven wrong. If you have another spot let us know. This place is surrounded by Korean joints offering Bubble Tea. Really, Buford Highway is everything that is great about America attracting cultures all over the world to live together.

Home grown GA- We’ve got consistent must hit in Atlanta. This place is that place. We’ve bought art, crafts, and other weird things in their flea market in the back of the store with an older gentleman jamming on the xylophone and a keyboard. It really is an artsy, big city vibe with Southern offerings in food and a sticker over the register that reads “Love the South Hate The Racists.” It’s true to the Southern Heritage when it comes to from-scratch goodness but it also is a mix of every imaginable person. Some people call it “Hipster.” I’d call it what the south is becoming, “welcoming.” Tip for fellow Vegans, grab the Vegan Sloppy Joe and a Vegan omelette.

The Slutty Vegan– If you got time and don’t mind a line you must try this place. It’s always a hit when they do pop-ups and it’s one of those Vegan restaurants that is a reason to go Atlanta all by itself. Located at 680 Murphy Ave SW this is a 100% plant-based burger joint!

There is so much to do in the city to our south. So many historical places, new places and just crazy places. We just want you to try to hit the local and the culture of Atlanta when you visit. That’s while we will continue to promote the cities we visit on our site because no matter where you are, Buy Local!

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