Buy Local Tobacco for Your Local Loving Cigar Smoker at Bowling Green Pipe and Cigar.

The Cigar Smoker is a tough one to buy for but make it easy this Valentine’s Day. One thing we love with Southern Kentucky’s  local businesses like Bowling Green Pipe & Cigar give us options like the Kentucky Fire Cured cigar.

The biggest difference with Kentucky Fire-Cured is the inclusion of – you guessed it! – American fire-cured tobacco leaves from Kentucky and Virginia. While normally tobacco is air-cured, these special leaves are left to hang in specially-constructed curing barns, a process that dates back more than 200 years and that imbues each leaf with a rich, smoky, slightly sweet flavor that boasts exceptional balance and uniqueness. Notes of oak, hickory, and maple-laced sweetness explode on the palate.

Gift Cards are available which is another great reason to choose the local shop over online options. Check out Bowling Green Pipe and Cigar on facebook. Located at 434 East Main on fountain square you can reach them at 904-2285. Open Monday through Saturday 11:00 am-8:00 pm.

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