Morris Jewelry, Helping Start Marriages since 1881! 10 Tips from Morris!

Drop by Morris Jewelry and their experienced staff can help find the ring for you to pop “the question.” Morris Jewelry, Bowling Green’s jeweler for over 139 years. 

10 Tips from Morris:

  1. The ring matters. Don’t be fooled, your fiance will want to show off this symbol of your love. Every newly engaged person loves flaunting the ring, telling the story, and being fawned over. Don’t skimp out on this part, it matters. Your fiance will be wearing this ring for the rest of her life. Do your research, go to a reputable store, ask questions, and buy quality. Places like Morris are rare finds this day and age. They have years of experience as well as quality jewelry that you can trust. Your bride will have so much pride when showing off her ring and sharing that it was purchased from a local treasure like Morris.
  2. Tradition counts. In a day in age where things are rapidly changing don’t ignore tradition. Ask her parents permission. She may say she doesn’t care, but she does. Nothing is more important than family. Bringing two lives together in the covenant of marriage matters, and so does the blessing of the parents. Do it, don’t chicken out, go full out, you won’t regret it.
  3. Make the proposal personal. You love this person, you have shared your life with this person, you know her innermost thoughts and secrets. Make it personal, dig deep into what your relationship really is and design a moment in time that she will never forget. Personal proposals are sometimes the hardest to plan, but in the end it will pay off.
  4. Shock the socks off of her. Now some people hate surprises, but most love them. Play it close to the vest and don’t tell too many people what your plans are. The less your future fiance knows, the better. Make that moment so unforgettable that she will spend the rest of her life wondering what you will do next.
  5. Buy her flowers. Yes, you just invested in a timeless treasure, but flowers are still a nice touch. Flowers say “I love you” in such a simple and classic way.. She will enjoy looking at them over the next few weeks as she revels in her new engagement.
  6. Write her a letter. You can give her the letter at the proposal or wait until after. Take time a week or so before and write her a love letter. This will be a treasure she can look back on year after year. You can even make this an anniversary tradition, one letter per year.
  7. Capture the moment. Hire a photographer or videographer to get it all on tape. You will love looking back over those images year after year. You will tell and retell the story to your kids until they have it memorized. She will look back and remember how her heart pounded in anticipation and how the tears flowed as she answered “yes”.
  8. Let someone help you. The only way to really keep it secret is to have a helper. KB Events & Design can be that help. We can plan, set-up, and make sure all the moments go perfectly leading up to your bended knee moment.
  9. Breathe. Slow down, enjoy the moment. You have arrived at this point for a reason. Take in the excitement, nervousness, and overall fear. This is a big moment in your life, don’t let it pass you by.
  10. Plan a celebration. Once you have officially become engaged you will want to celebrate. This can be an intimate dinner of family and close friends or just a date for two. Your future bride will want to call, text, and instagram that moment immediately. Go ahead and plan something to take her to so you can celebrate.

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