Need More Acres of Community Farmers Market Is a Blessing to Our Community.

Love this from Kentucky Proud featuring Need More Acres Farm a vendor at Community Farmers Market:

“Kentucky Farmers’ Market…. The Freshest Party In Town! Need More Acres Farm is a perfect example of what it means to be part of the freshest party in town. They sell over 100 different fruits and vegetables year-round and offer a CSA, whole chickens, and frozen prepared foods. These FULL-TIME FARMERS really know how connect at their local market. They said, “One of the most important things we’ve learned in leadership at a farmers’ market is the importance of being customer-focused and driven. It’s because of our customers that we’ve had the success we’ve experienced and we want to make sure that we keep getting better for them.” They just get it, customers are what make the market a fresh party! In Fact, they referenced customers in their best market experience with this, “it was our first year (2011) and we decided to try an indoor winter market. On Saturday, we had no idea if customers would show up, but as we stood greeting them at the door one after another piled in. It was a real field of dreams moment.”

Kentucy Proud

Bowling Green)! Thank you Need More Acres Farm for being a part of the freshest party in town!” Also, make sure you follow Need More Acres on Facebook and Instagram and check out what they are doing at www.needmoreacres.com!

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