Shop At Community Farmers Market Saturday and Be Ready for The Events for October!

We love shopping with local farmers and vendors at Community Farmers Market each Tuesday and Saturday. We also love that when Fall comes and the calendar turns to October life is getting really good. Make sure to mark your calendars for these events:

Pumpkin Fest!
Saturday, October 13th

To honor of one of our finest pumpkin farmers, we’re remembering our friend, Tracy Coleman, with a Market day of all things pumpkin!  Pumpkin themed activities, food, crafts… and lots of pumpkins to pick from! More details to follow!

The Old Geezers

Saturday, October 13th

Ken Broostin and Dwane Miller make wooden spoons and spatulas of all sizes in a variety of woods, with black walnut being the predominant choice.  Having helped him make a few, and possessing more than a few, Joleen of Lovee & Rose Farm, can vouch for the satisfaction of holding a very useful utensil that makes cooking something special.


Caught Wild Salmon

Saturday, October 20th

*Originally scheduled in Sept., but now rescheduled to Oct* Time to stock up on that wild-caught, Bristol Bay red sockeye salmon!  Click the photo to learn more about Caught Wild Salmon!

Tom’s Turnings

Saturday, October 27th

Beautiful wooden bowls and pieces from our friends at Tom’s Turnings.  Click the photo to learn more about Tom’s Turnings!

The Community Farmers Market is  always looking for dedicated entrepreneurs who are ready to grow or start their business!  If you have a talent (whether it’s growing, building, making, or creating) and would like to be a part of the market family- now is the time! So, head over to the website and complete the application under the “connect/apply” button CLICK HERE!

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