Don’t waste your money online with Casper, Ghost or Purple Mattress!

Why are you buying a Casper or Ghost Bed online when Bandy Bedding makes a similar mattress locally with better materials and for a better price? John​ gives us the behind the scenes look (which you can see for yourself when you come in) so hit play, like and share so more people don’t waste time and spend too much money with an online mattress.

Where to find them:

Bandy Bedding is Kentucky’s one and only Mattress Maker. They make and sell mattresses directly to customers at their store located at401 Emmett Ave, next to the Regal 12 Movie Theater. You can find out more via their website www.bandymattress.com or on their Facebook Page. They are open Monday through Friday 8am-6pm and Saturday 9am-5pm!

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