Why should you or your child use The Focus Fidget? A Product Made in Bowling Green.

Photo at 3rd Grade invention fair of the co-creator. Awesome!
Photo at 3rd Grade invention fair of the co-creator. Awesome!

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On our Social Media over the past month we’ve had segments from a conversation we’ve had with Dr. Liz Sternberg. We talked to other parents who had used it and thought it was really helping their kids and so we wanted to know more. First, from the website:

The focus fidget concept was initially created by my son, Jack, with my assistance as part of a school invention project to solve a problem. The problem Jack chose “|to solve” was to help kids stay alert and focused while learning. Jack has high functioning autism and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD.

He, like many other kids, finds it challenging to learn when he is required to sit still for prolonged periods of time. Jack is a kinesthetic learner—he learns best when moving his body and feeling his environment. The focus fidget has helped Jack become a more focused learner at school and home. We hope you will enjoy the benefits of the focus fidget too!

The vision of EPS Pediatric Services, LLC, the company that manufactures and retails The Focus Fidget and its related products, is to support individuals with special needs. With some luck and a lot of hard work, we hope to expand our business in the futures so that we may provide employment opportunities for individuals with special needs.

We wanted to learn more than what you typically can on a website so here are three short videos. First, how it came to be in existence:

Great info from Active Living Research:


How does the Focus Fidget Work? I know it seems simple but there was time put in it and some other functions I didn’t notice at first glance.

Lastly, what is the science behind The Focus Fidget:

To purchase a Focus Fidget for your family go to their website, thefocusfidget.com. They are also on Facebook and are active in answering questions from parents, kids and those who need a little help focusing at work!



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