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Tuesday, August 30th, 2016 11:00 AM CST

We’re not going to lie, we’ve been to countless Alabama football games. When you have a red headed Father and Grandmother who yell for the Tide and hail from Morgan County, Alabama you are going to attend some games. So, with that said we have split emotions coming for the second weekend of the season. Still, many are going to the Home Opener Thursday and then heading south for the big game. We want to help you pick some local spot that are a must hit!

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FAME: Recording Studios & Publishing Co.- Sure, we live near ‘Music City’ but there is another Music Capitol in the South that has birthed more music than any other small town in the world, Muscle Shoals. The city has been famous for decades and has changed the scope of music but it’s also had a great documentary and the FAME studio is a major player. If you head down early Friday make a stop and take a tour. Maybe you can feel the spirit Etta James had singing ‘Tell Mama’ over the sounds of The Swampers.

Make sure you go to the 1715 6th Ave SE (US Highway 31) location.


Big Bob Gibson’s BBQ- Of all the BBQ in the world this is the most emotional for us. It’s actually on the drive down in Decatur, Alabama where we spent our summers running the roads on ATVs and eating massive quantities of BBQ and Homemade pies from this establishment. Sure, Chef Poling of Home Cafe can steer you clear from the White Sauce they are famous for but the star is the BBQ sandwich or the BBQ potato (our Favorite). Also, the BBQ sauces are fantastic and we’re not sauce people on our BBQ. Click here to see all the BBQ awards they’ve won.

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Birmingham- This is a city on the rise with people winning awards for food. You have also the civil rights history sites all over the city and even a trip to The Vulcan and the park around it is fun. There is also football royalty buried in Birmingham with Coach Paul Bear Bryant buried in a very modest grave in Elmwood Cemetery. Forget that go to a traditional Southern restaurant, Eagles Restaurant!

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It’s only open Sunday- Friday: 10:30am -3:30pm. So, this is not a game day spot. Here is a menu to do research before walking in.

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Druid City Brewing- If you love our Buy Local Partner White Squirrel Brewery you’ll dig Druid City Brewing. It’s located at 607 14th St in Tuscaloosa, AL but be warned it’s behind a shopping center. We had to look to find it our first time. We were not disappointed with the atmosphere, the drinks, the music and meeting, Bo Hicks, Owner and Brewmaster of Druid City!

Dreamland or Archibald’s: I don’t know. I get that everyone has heard of Dreamland. We love their Banana Pudding the most. But…. Archibald’s is our legit winner when it comes to Ribs in Tuscaloosa and in Alabama in general. The Southern Foodway Alliance showed why we love it so much:

Paul W. Bryant Museum- We recently went to Atlanta and visited the College Football Hall of Fame, we’ll review soon. It doesn’t touch this museum. Sure it covers all teams but the spirit of College Football and the man it’s named after is alive here. If you are on campus you pay your $1 admission and go see this. It’s a must.

Other than that, walk the quad, see Denny Chimes, maybe grab something at Rammer Jammers or a bar University Blvd. Other than that have fun. Be nice to the locals (they usually are friendly back this week) and enjoy the game. Go Tops and Roll Tide.

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