Meet The Yellowberries: Shelby Neil Smith- Lead Web Designer.

By Yellowberri, Yellowberri.com
Wednesday, June 17th, 2015 10:00 AM CST

Meet the Yellowberries: http://yellowberri.com/staff/

Raised on British comedy, Mel Brooks films and Weird “Al” Yankovic, Shelby Neil Smith prefers his existence surrounded by the odd and absurd. What he takes very seriously, however, is web standards and usability. He will work to make sure your company’s voice is heard and your creative vision is fleshed out, but never at the expense of your user’s experience. He’ll most definitely hoot and holler and force incredibly ridiculous music on you after hours, but at his desk, he’s all business.

Hometown: I don’t understand…like where my home is, or where I was born?
Favorite Sports Team: Huey Lewis & The News
Favorite Hobby: There is no hobby. Only work and death.
Favorite Food: Bananas? NO, Bonanza. No, wait-
Bedtime: Goodnight.
Shelby Says: “ABACABB – go ahead, try it!”

Yellowberri is a full-service advertising & creative studio. They find inventive solutions to your business problems. It’s why you should fan their facebook page,check out their website and call them at (270) 799-0323 for your next project!

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