Meet The Yellowberries: Derrick Hunt, Creative Director.

By Yellowberri, Yellowberri.com
Wednesday, June 10th, 2015 10:00 AM CST

Meet the Yellowberries: http://yellowberri.com/staff/

Derrick, more intimately known as “Bones”, is rumored to have been raised by wolves in a lush Indian jungle. His best friend is a jovial dancing bear, and…wait, nevermind, that’s Mowgli.

Derrick actually hails from the less intriguing, but much closer Morgantown, Kentucky. There must be something in the water there, as his talents concerning graphic design are other-worldly. Constantly-doodling, Derrick leads our creative charge, and makes sure that we look good, no matter what. He loves video games, craft beers, film and television, and his new kayak “Skeetle Juice.”

Hometown: Morgantown, KY
Favorite Color: Used to be green, now red…I really don’t know why.
Favorite Actor: Tom Hanks. If pretty much any Tom Hanks movie is on TV, I get nothing done.
First Car: 1998 Chevy Cavalier (Was actually two cars that had been wrecked and welded together. Person I sold it to is still driving it)
Bedtime: I’d like to say midnight, but typically closer to 2:30am.

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