John Carpenter’s Reel Sites, Real Scary Tour From the Bowling Green Area Convention & Visitors Bureau a must do for people of Southern Kentucky!

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Friday, October 31st, 2014 11:30 AM CST

We’ve done the tour, we’ve shared about it over the past 3 weeks and now that we are at the eve of “All Hallows’ Eve” we think it’s time for you to take the tour. Honor the town’s national treasure and see the places that inspired him and be inspired!

We’ll give the time code in the movie and the line and the place it’s based on.

Poster done by Mondo

Halloween (1978):

  • 0:07:00: Smith’s Grove Illinois (Title)
  • 0:29:54: “I remember a guy over in Russellville.”

The Fog (1980):

  • 0:33:17 “Restoration of the Morgantown Road Cemetery.” (Cemetery is Fictional)
  • 0:58:51 “…..toward the weather station on old Russellville Road.”
  • 1:12:04 “I think it’s Chestnut.”
  • 1:12:18 “It’s moving faster now, up Regents Avenue….”
  • 1:12:20 “…..up to the end of Smallhouse Road.”
  • 1:12:32 “It’s just hitting the outskirts of town…. Clay Street.”
  • 1:13:01 “It’s moving down Tenth Street.”
  • 1:13:27 “Stay away from the fog. Richardsville Pike….”
  • 1:13:45 “Now the junction at 101 is cut off.”
Halloween II (1981):
  • 0:09:40 Smiths Grove Warren County Sanitorium (sanitorium is fictional)
  • 0:18:08 “…. moving north onto Scottsville Road.”
  • 0:18:13 “…. meet me at the ByPass.” (31W ByPass)
  • 0:22:07 Smiths Grove Warren County Sanitorium
  • 0:25:12 “He’s in Russellville.”
  • 0:27:24 “The streets between Chestnut…”
  • 0:27:25 “… and Tenth are jammed…”
  • 0:28:57 “… field behind that Lost River Drive-In.” (Lost River Drive-In was near where Hillvue Heights Church now stands.)
  • 0:41:07 “I want a sweep from Chestnut…”
  • 0:41:09 “… south to the ByPass.” (31W ByPass)
  • 0:54:02 “… ordered back to Smiths Grove.”

We also, on our tour hit some actual places that were instrumental in the life of John Carpenter:

The Log Cabin on the campus of WKU was John Carpenter’s boyhood home.

The Capitol (currently not a working theater) was a theater John Carpenter captured the movie making bug.

College High was where John Carpenter went to High School on the campus of WKU. (Photo Courtesy of WKU.edu)

WKU is where Mr. Carpenter started College (his father taught Musical Theory here and why he moved to Bowling Green as a child) before transferring to Southern California Film School.

My helper enjoyed the tour, so it’s good for all ages:

Great art on WKU’s Campus.

This is in Fountain Square across from The Capitol Theater. Beautiful park near Restaurants, Shopping and Coffee Shop.

If you’d like to see the map click here. Or if you’d like to pick up the map head over to the Bowling Green Convention and Visitor’s Bureau on Three Springs Road off of exit 22 on I-65.

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