It’s Time To Vote For Daily News/Amplifier’s Best Of Bowling 2014! We Got a Cheat Sheet of Who To Vote For, Our Buy Local Bowling Green Partners Of Course! #TeamBLBG

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Friday, September 19th, 2014 12:30 AM CST

It’s Time To Vote For Daily News/Amplifier’s Best Of Bowling 2014! We Got a Cheat Sheet of Who To Vote For, Our Buy Local Bowling Green Partners Of Course. We hope that Bowling Green will try their best to make sure we are unique and not dominated by chains but locally owned and created businesses (Survey: https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/KVX3Z59):

Seriously, the new Novo Dolce is that good. Vote Novo Dolce on choice #1!

Seriously?!? All three of these are partners. Not a bad choice with Cambridge Market and Cafe, Home Cafe & Marketplace or Novo Dolce!

They are the only local option and the option that uses local ingredients. Vote Home Cafe & Marketplace on #3.

The Bistro is the obvious choice on #4.

Again, Home Cafe & Marketplace on #5!

PLEASE DON’T VOTE CHAIN PIZZA! Vote for the only Local Pizza in Bowling Green, Lost River Pizza Co.

Vote for either Home Cafe & Marketplace or Cambridge Market and Cafe, please.

This is not even a hard choice, Spencer’s Coffee is the Coffee King of Bowling Green!

Vote CDS #10 Pharmacy for #28. A Great pharmacy with great customer service and a commitment to support local businesses.

Like our Magazine? Well, Print Media is our printer and they print it here. No other printer could do it in house.

Please on #46 select Hot Yoga Bowling Green!

Please on #47 select our Buy Local Partner since the beginning (also the President of the National Framing Association) B & J Gallery! No one does it better!

#48, Please select our partners at The Resurrection Shop!

#50 it’s hands down an easy choice with the crew over at Classic Cuts & Shaves Barber Shop!

There is only one family who’s been doing the best in Bowling Green for 3 Generations. Select the Field’s Family’s Cheetah Clean Auto Wash!

We all Love Mellow Matt’s Music & More and would love to see them win #71!

The only local Window Replacement Company in Bowling Green to choose on #72, Capitol Window and Door!

Hands down on #75 is The Resurrection Shop!

Also, The Resurrection Shop on #77!

The best jewelry store with the best custom service and best selection for #80, Morris Jewelry!

The only place that has you covered for WKU from Birth to the end, The WKU Store!

We’ve been riding on S & R Tire Center tires since we moved to Bowling Green and no one does it better with great customer service. Vote S&R for #88!

We just have a thing for Tidball’s.

Again, our readers always have told us why they love Tidball’s. #95 going to them just seems right.

We really hope all of you will vote and vote often. It’s up to us how we want our community represented and to choose local over chain will show how different and proud we are of our local businesses. Vote here: Survey: https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/KVX3Z59

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