Speciality Sandwiches from Cambridge Market and Cafe are Fantastic! Plus, you can build your own sandwich. Try one today!

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Monday, August 11th, 2013 10:00 AM CST

Speciality Sandwiches from Cambridge Market and Cafe are Fantastic! Plus, you can build your own. Try one today!

  • Smoked Roast beef Smoked roast beef with cheddar cheese, lettuce, tomato, dark mustard & mayonnaise served hot on yeast rolls.
  • Smoked Salmon Veggie Smoked salmon spread, squash, zucchini, cucumber, green pepper & shredded carrots served on sourdough bread.
  • Italian Sub Cotto Salami, capocolla & pepperoni with provolone cheese served on a dark hoagie with lettuce, tomato, dark mustard, vinegar & oil.
  • Marinated Chicken Sandwich Boneless, skinless chicken breast marinated in a select blend of spices served hot on a multi-grain bun with Monterey Jack cheese, lettuce, tomato & mayo.
  • Smoked Turkey Club Smoked turkey, cheddar cheese, bacon, lettuce, tomato & honey mustard dressing served hot on toasted wheat bread.
  • Cambridge Club Turkey, bacon, lettuce, tomato mayo, dark mustard, and provolone cheese served hot on “double decked’’ toasted whole wheat bread.
  • Ole Smokey Roast beef & pastrami with smoked cheddar served hot on an onion roll with BBQ sauce, onion & pickles.
  • Greek Wrap The ultimate veggie sandwich. Artichoke hearts, roasted red peppers, celery, tomato, Feta cheese with herbs & spices stuffed in pita wrap.
  • Russian Reuben  Corn beef sauerkraut & Swiss cheese served hot on toasted rye bread with Russian dressing.
  • Three Cheese Veggie Mozzarella, mild cheddar, & pepper cheese served cold on sourdough bread with lettuce, tomato, mayo, onion, green pepper, black olives & dark mustard
  • Country Ham Sandwich Country ham served cold on whole wheat bread with Swiss cheese, lettuce, tomato & mayo.
  • Steve – A – Reno Roast beef, turkey, and ham with Swiss cheese served cold on  whole wheat with lettuce, tomato, mayonnaise, green pepper and onion.
  • BLT
  • BLT with Egg salad.
  • Chicken Salad Sandwich
  • Egg Salad Sandwich
  • Low fat Egg Salad Sandwich
  • Tuna Salad Sandwich
  • Pimento Cheese
  • 1/2 sandwich

To build your own sandwich please click here for a list of items. Also, don’t forget that Cambridge Market & Cafe uses local farms and the Farmer’s Market for their recipes and orders. So order knowing you are getting top quality food that comes from our community. Helping local farmers and your favorite restaurant in one call? Sounds good to me.

If you need an event catered or a business luncheon delivered, they got you covered as well. Cambridge Market & Cafe on 830 Fairview Avenue and available at 270.782.9366 or online and facebook.


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