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Why is the room heated?

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Why is the room heated? The room is heated to warm your muscles, to prevent injuries and to allow for a deeper release in your body. Sweating also helps to flush the toxins and impurities from your body.

Reasons for heating the room:

  1. Enhances blood circulation and vasolidilations of the capillaries weaving around your muscles.
  2. The more blood delivered to the body, will in turn, help increase the absorption of nutrients and the elimination of toxins.
  3. The warmed muscles combined with the movement of yoga will more effectively stimulate the lymphatic systems, the toxin dump system of the body and increases lymphatic drainage.
  4. When blood passes through warm muscles, it allows oxygen in the blood to release easier from the hemoglobin. Remember oxygen is one of the primary antioxidants of the body. The increase in oxygen purifies the body.
  5. Warm muscles = elastic muscles. Elastic muscles stretch in a fluid like way allowing for a greater range of motion during stretching and yoga. Cold muscles do not absorb shock or impact as well. The more elastic your muscles are the less susceptible you are to injury.

But, I am not flexible …

This is the most common misconception that prevents people from experiencing yoga. It is not about how flexible you are. It is about stretching your body and quieting your mind, and healing the soul. So, do not worry about being flexible. The more inflexible you are the more you need yoga. You become flexible by doing yoga.

Can I do Hot Yoga? 

Almost anyone of any age can do this type of yoga. All students work at their own level and pace. Our aim is to help you strengthen and improve your body’s natural range of motion and restore flow throughout all your bodily systems. Students may range from people with a chronic illness to athletes of every shape and size. As always, we recommend checking with your healthcare professional before starting any physically engaging activity such as Hot Yoga.

Is it a cardiovascular workout & can I lose weight? 

You will find Hot Yoga challenging, no matter your level of fitness. Each posture combines flexibility, strength, and balance to work your whole body. A 90-minute class can burn approximately 500-800 calories. With patience, persistence and dedication, you can lose inches and develop muscle tone and strength that might never come from other forms of exercise.

What are the benefits hot yoga?

Relieves stress     Strengthens the heart     Relieves tension     Improves blood circulation     Increases flexibility     Promotes relaxation     Expands lung capacity     Eliminates toxins     Lose inches     Develops muscle tone    Beautifully sculpts the body

  • It is the perfect lifetime fitness program for a busy lifestyle.
  • It assists in the union of body, mind and spirit.
  • It will stretch your body from the bone to the skin and from the head to your toes.
  • It helps you quiet the mind and energize the body.
  • It reaches deep into the tissue.
  • It helps to relieve tension and stress.
  • It revitalizes and assists in over coming many physical and emotional problems.
  • It is the ONLY form of exercise which allows every muscle, every system, and every cell of the body to be affected from every possible angle.
  • It must be experienced to be fully appreciated.

Check them out online for more information about the studio and a detailed description of their classes, please go to the website: www.hotyogabowlinggreen.com. Or, go ahead and fan them on Facebook.

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