Join Ingen Art Gallery and Studio Wednesday July 16 and Wednesday July 23 for Kids Art Workshop.

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Wednesday, July 2nd, 2014 3:00 PM CST

Join Ingen Art Gallery and Studio Wednesday July 16 and Wednesday July 23 for Kids Art Workshop. (12P-3:30P) All ages welcome. Workshop includes guided projects, art history education, student group art projects, and short field trips to downtown art galleries and studio spaces.  Each session is $40 per student.

Why Art?

Many modern jobs and careers require skills that are built on a visual arts foundation. Whether you are building a home or designing a website, a strong connection to visual arts and creativity can help an individual develop and present ideas in a more effective manner. Like the crucial subjects of literacy and mathematics, art teaches creativity as a calculated process and is an essential part of brain development. Through art processes, children learn to make mental connections between their ideas and what they create using their eyes and hands.

A strong background in arts can also develop these lifelong skills of success:

• Making good judgments. While most academic subjects focus rules and right answers, the Arts teach children to make decisions based on good judgments rather than convention.

• The mind has no bounds. Students will learn that cognitive application can help connect and form ideas between individuals when limitations of language and numbers arise.
• Embrace unexpected problems. Art teaches children to use problem solving skills when faced with unexpected challenges.
• Problems can have multiple solutions. Art teaches children to look for multiple solutions to challenges.
• Think through with material. Students are taught to grow ideas over a creative process, helping strengthen planning skills and idea development.

Call for more details, or sign up online www.ingenartgallery.com/art-classes/ or visit our “Event Reservations” tab on our website www.ingenartgallery.com

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