Get To Know Emily Estes of Emproved.com Graphic Design!

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Wednesday, June 11th, 2014 8:00 AM CST

We’re getting to know the Owners, Managers and Artisans of some of our great partners. Today we speak with Emily Estes, Owner of Emproved.com Graphic Design (She designs our magazine as well):

1. Tell us a little about you as a person. Where are you from, what are your hobbies and where did you start your career that led to starting your company?

I grew up in the country in Christian County, and I spent most of my time outdoors as a kid.  I love the kind of music that makes my dad say I was born in the wrong decade.  I’ve always wanted to be an artist, so I never really considered any other options, and starting my own business was a result of realizing I don’t like being trapped in a cubicle all day.  Turns out it was one of the best ideas I’ve ever had because it gives me the flexibility to be with my children as much as possible, and that’s something any working mom knows is priceless.
2. What is your earliest memory of your work, what got you interested in it?

It’s hard to say what my earliest memory of my “work” is, because I have literally always just known I wanted to do something art-related with my life.  wWhat keeps me interested in my work is being able to interpret a client’s intangible, sometimes vague ideas into the perfect visual balance.

3. What is your favorite thing you sale?

I think typography design is my favorite.  I am a serious font junkie.  I can spend ages hunting for the perfect font pairings and then scooting every character around until it’s JUST EXACTLY RIGHT.  It’s just that extra level of effort that can turn an otherwise boring project (what?  you just want words?) into something really eye-catching and impressive.

She designed our bumper sticker and our magazine!

4. Who are your influences in life and your work?

My dad.  He has always been self-employed and is my biggest encourager.  He always has a new idea for me or something supportive to say.  I’ve learned from him that staying positive is the key to happy, which, in my opinion is also the key to success.
5. If you had to choose a last meal, what would you eat?

Definitely pizza.  Deep dish, pepperoni, extra cheese, mushrooms and green peppers.

6. How important is local business collaboration to you?

Local business collaboration is the answer to small business success, because without cross-promotion, many small business owners (myself included) wouldn’t be able to afford the kind of exposure that local,  word-of-mouth advertising provides.

7. What event in Bowling Green (or Charity) are you involved with?

I’m proud to say that i was a part of the i love bg start-up movement and actually had the privilege of designing that logo.

8. What do you see for the future of your business in Bowling Green and serving South Central Kentucky?

For the future of my business, I predict new, fun and challenging projects and happy, returning clients!  Cliché, but i can’t think of  anything I would love more than that.
9. What other locally owned businesses in town do you enjoy shopping, eating or patronizing

I always encourage my clients to use local printers like Print Media and outdoor advertising like heartland outdoor media, and I am a huge fan of the brickyard in Bowling Green AND Franklin, a lover of all vintage and thrift shops like Mellow Matt’s, Labold & Sons, and pretty much any shop or restaurant around Fountain Square.  I also really like the gift shop inside the visitor center at Lost River Cave and I love knowing that the proceeds go to support the nature center programs there.

Fan her page and hire her if you have a great project that needs to have that special touch!

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