Bowling Green, Eat Better and Eat Healthier at Lost River Pizza Co. With Their Great Tomato Sauce! Guest Article By Keith Coffman!

By Keith Coffman, lostriverpizza.com
Thursday, June 5th, 2014 12:00 PM CST

The Tomatoes that we make our tasty red sauce from are grown in the soil, just like Mother Nature intended, and they are only harvested during the months of May, June and July, when they are ripe.

The over-processed tomato sauces that many other pizza places use are made from tomatoes that are cooked down to a paste after they’re harvested, so they’ll last longer. In order to be prepared to be ready to be canned and shipped, the paste has to be rehydrated and then loaded down with excess sugar, salt, spices and preservatives just to give the paste flavor and to make it have a longer shelf life.

The tomatoes that we make our red sauce from are never cooked down to a paste and, as a result, retain all of their natural flavor and and all of their nutritional value. Say goodbye to all of the excess sugar, salt, and preservatives, they’re not needed!

If you love our red sauce or if you have wondered why our red sauce tastes so much different from what you get on other pizzas, now you know. You’re tasting real tomatoes with real tomato flavor and real tomatoes nutrients that the processed tomato pastes can’t give you.

Eat better and eat healthier at Lost River Pizza Co.

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