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Friday, May 30th, 2014 7:00 AM CST

Bowling Green has long been in need of a place to relax till the late hours, apart from the loud music and tacky environments of other venues. Cloud 9 Hookah is here to give the people what they want. Bowling Green’s first premiere hookah lounge has operated the past couple years on Broadway with a beautiful, clean and safe environment!

A hookah is a water pipe that one or more people use to smoke flavored tobacco. The tobacco smoke is drawn through the water in the bottom of the pipe, cooling it before it is inhaled into the lungs. The smoke is very smooth and very fruity (depending on the flavor you get!). It is prevalent in the Middle East as a means to pass the time and socialize with friends. It is being revolutionized in America to fit our culture, and Cloud 9 Hookah is at the forefront of that movement… no bellydancers, no Middle Eastern-themed lounges, no sketchy dark places. An inviting, fun, exciting atmosphere with American shisha packed into American hookahs while hanging out with friends… what could be better?

Great atmosphere, free wifi, delicious selection of beverages, and the best hookahs in KY/TN make Cloud 9 Hookah a must for anybody needing to escape the mundane and relax in a comfortable environment! All while enjoying the highest quality products brought to you from us with experience and love. To keep up with their latest events and products hitting their shelves fan them on facebook and follow them on instagram!

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