Get To Know Jeff Fields of Cheetah Clean Auto Wash!

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Tuesday, May 20th, 2014 9:30 AM CST

We’re getting to know the Owners, Managers and Artisans of some of our great partners. Today we speak with Jeff Fields, Owner of Cheetah Clean Auto Wash:

1. Tell us a little about you as a person. Where are you from, what are your hobbies and where did you start your career that led to starting Cheetah Clean?

I’m from BG- Hobbies are outdoor adventure, snowskiing, watersports, scuba diving, boating etc…  I love being outside!  I grew up in this business.  At the dinner table etc.  My father instilled in me early on the need to be the best and challenged me to be all I could be.

2. What is your earliest memory of your work, what got you interested in it?

I recall trying to sell liquor out of my parent’s liquor cabinet when I was very young.  I tried to sell it to my neighbors Lee and Judy Johnson.  Thankfully they politely declined my offer and told my mother to be on the lookout.   Working was after school at the car wash or working with friends on the farm.  Tobacco patch, hauling hay, feeding and tagging cattle.  I enjoyed the money and the challenge of doing things well. 

3. What is your favorite thing you sale? 

Our monthly unlimited wash club is pretty sweet.  But really I like to take a person who doesn’t wash that much and turn them into weekly washers.  I like taking a car that may be in bad shape and bringing it back to life.  I always tell my staff that if we can take the most challenging customer and make them happy the rest will come in droves.  I enjoy helping people especially when they are having a bad day.  When people are frustrated with big corporate policies and getting ripped off everywhere we want to give people BIG value and peace of mind.   

4. Who are your influences in life and your work? 

My family in general.  My dad has always been a great resource for advice and consultation.  My sister has always been one of my biggest cheerleaders as well.  

5. If you had to choose a last meal, what would you eat? 

Would have to be a big T-bone, potato, and salad at my father’s house.   He knows how to season them just right.  

6. How important is local business collaboration to you?

I think business collaboration strengthens the community.  If businesses could get together more to solve more of the community issues I think that would be great.  I think the trend of working together to make things better locally is going to get more popular as the needs will arise more often in the future. 

7. What event in Bowling Green (or Charity) are you involved with? 

We support all kinds of charities and have opportunities abound with our community gift card program.  We can give a charity our gift cards and then they can go out into the community and sell them.  We then only ask for 50% of face value.  We also can create a organization code that they can promulgate and then give their supporters a discount and also give them 10% of whatever they purchase with us.  We have worked with different groups as well to come on site and hold signs and then we will give them 10% of the daily sales too.  Right now we are excited about supporting the KIDS club with CFM.   

8. What do you see for the future of your business in Bowling Green and serving South Central Kentucky? 

I think we are going to building a big business here in Bowling Green.  We have a great program for our associates that will set us apart from the competition.  We try to treat people right and take ownership over our customer satisfaction.  The customer may not always be right but they always have a point. Operators should listen to them and cherish the opportunity to please them.  

9. What other locally owned businesses in town do you enjoy shopping, eating or patronizing? 

Novo Dolce is great, love the food and the music they play there.  Surf, rock, reggae!  Home Cafe of course! the local aspect and farm to table aspect in AWESOME.  Now that I’m back full-time in Bowling Green I’m excited about getting to visit all the local businesses. 

Find out more at their website cheetahclean.com or via their facebook page. They are located at 941 US 31W Bypass! Down from Great American Donuts and next door to Lee Myles Transmissions & AutoCare.

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