Guest Post from Booth Fire and Safety’s Doug Gorman: “Booth Fire & Safety, Inc. are Bowling Green’s Experts in Fire Suppression and Control!”

By Doug Gorman, boothfireandsafety.com
Friday, May 9th, 2014 11:00 AM CST

Booth Fire & Safety has been designing and installing automatic fire suppression systems since the company’s inception in 1959.

Booth Fire & Safety is a proud distributor for Kidde Fenwal and Ansul, Inc. We have been protecting cooking equipment, industrial equipment and sensitive electronic equipment with the latest, state-of-the-art suppression systems since 1959.

Our factory trained staff can design, engineer and install clean agent fire suppression systems such as Carbon Dioxide, FM200 and Inergen, as well as UL-300 Wet Chemical kitchen range-hood systems.

We have the capability to inspect and service most types of existing fire suppression systems!

Typical areas protected by these systems are:

  • Cooking exhaust hoods and equipment
  • Computer rooms
  • Communication centers
  • Electronic equipment
  • Cable Head End Rooms
  • Document Storage Facilities
  • Paint spray booths
  • Manufacturing processes

Our highly trained staff can assist you with:

  1. Choosing the proper protection for your hazard
  2. Engineering and Designing the system
  3. Obtaining State and local approvals
  4. Submitting all necessary paperwork and drawings
  5. Installing the system
  6. Training of staff on proper operation and safety concerns of your new suppression system.
  7. Arranging Semi-Annual inspections and certifications of your system.

Carbon Dioxide Fire Suppression Systems

Carbon Dioxide (C02) gas has a high ratio of expansion which facilitates rapid discharge and allows for three dimensional penetration of the entire hazard area quickly. Carbon Dioxide extinguishes a fire by reducing the oxygen content of the protected area below the point where it can support combustion. Carbon Dioxide Fire extinguishing systems typically store the agent in one of two different ways: in high pressure cylinders, or in low pressure CO2 tanks.

Due to the extreme density of the Carbon Dioxide, it quickly and effectively permeates the protected hazard area and suppresses the fire. Rapid expansion of the 4-6 inches of Carbon Dioxide snow to gas reduces the ambient temperature in the protected hazard area which aids in the extinguishing process and retards re-ignition.

CO2 Is Non-Damaging

When designed, engineered, and installed properly, Carbon Dioxide fire suppression systems will not normally damage sensitive electronic equipment. Carbon Dioxide has no residual clean-up associated with its use as a fire suppressing agent. When it is properly ventilated, the gas escapes to atmosphere after the fire has been extinguished.

CO2 Is Electrically Non-conductive

Carbon Dioxide fire extinguishing systems can be used to protect a wide variety of hazards, from delicate electronic equipment to high-voltage electrical equipment, without danger or damage.

CO2 Is Versatile

The unique extinguishing properties of Carbon Dioxide allow it to be used in a wide range of special hazards. Booth Fire & Safety Inc. proudly designs, installs and services Kidde, and Ansul Carbon Dioxide fire suppression systems.

Clean Agent Systems

FM-200 is the environmentally friendly replacement gas for Halon 1301. The production of Halon was halted in 1994. FM-200 was introduced to the market and is the most widely used product in the world.

Environmentally-friendly. The preferred fire suppression system for vital facilities that can’t afford fire-related business interruption of process controls, automated industrial operations, robotics, etc. Active on fire, but inert on people; non-toxic when used per NFPA Standard 2001. Safe, no-residue protection for Class A, B and C fires. Every Kidde system checked for design accuracy. Designed for maximum protection with minimum hardware; less space, lower cost. UL Listed and Factory Mutual approved.

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If you have a business or organization that needs help to insure the safety of the people and building itself or just to keep them cool in the warm summer months, your local choice is Booth Fire and Safety. 538 State Street Bowling Green. Call them at 270.781.3330 or check their website out and fan them on facebook.

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