Get To Know Trey, of Cloud 9 Hookah! Full Name, Bernard Henry Heath III.

By Andrew Simkins, hookahclouds.com
Friday, May 2nd, 2014 1:00 PM CST

Continuing our “Get to know Cloud 9” posts, we arrive on the lounge employee with the mustache and tattoos…as most of you know him. The stick legged, tight wearing, bearded bandit who stole our hearts, Trey!

Trey’s full name is Bernard Henry Heath III, but it’s pronounced Ber-NERD. (If that’s not getting added in you might just want to leave it out, because if every regular starts calling me Ber-NARD I’m going to lose it – Trey). His mother was afraid he’d grow up being called Bernie so she demanded he go by Trey. Trey was born in Brockton, Massachusetts then spent eight years in Woonsocket, Rhode Island and then moved to Durango Colorado where he lived for another ten years. He went to college two and a half years at Colorado Mountain College in Glenwood Springs where he received his degree in professional photography. After being denied by the military Trey decided to move to Bowling Green to study photojournalism, which had long been a dream of his. His future goals are to be a combat photographer, though before he achieves that he wants to work on a story focusing on the homeless and vagrants here in the states. He plays a mean pair of spoons. Trey is a huge fan of satire and his favorite author is Kurt Vonnegut. He has a deep love for all things Star Wars and looks forward to the day when all fans will rise up in glorious retribution, march on Skywalker Ranch and enact vigilante justice on the criminal George Lucas for his crimes against the galaxy. Trey has two sisters, an older sister who is now going to Grad School in Oregon to be a wildlife biologist, and a twin sister who is also studying to be a journalist in Colorado. Trey owns a KM Monarch hookah, his favorite brand of shisha is Tangiers, and his favorite flavor ololiuqui. If anyone has any dad jokes, please tell him. Dad jokes and puns are his favorite form of entertainment.

You can usually find Trey delivering coals, doing grunt work, and accepting our displaced anger with true poise and a few tears. Trey is one cool guy, so next time you see him at the lounge say hello!

Cloud 9 hookah is a great atmosphere, free wifi, delicious selection of beverages, and the best hookahs in KY/TN make Cloud 9 Hookah a must for anybody needing to escape the mundane and relax in a comfortable environment! All while enjoying the highest quality products brought to you from us with experience and love. To keep up with their latest events and products hitting their shelves fan them on facebook and follow them on instagram!

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