Knowing how to describe what you want will help help you achieve Maximum Dapperness!

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Wednesday, April 30th, 2014 11:00 AM CST

They’re a traditional barbershop with a bit of “modernism”, focusing on precision men’s haircuts and shaves that’s what makes Classic Cuts and Shaves so great. While visiting, enjoy free Wi-Fi, plenty of men’s magazines, a cup of coffee or a soda and be sure not to leave without picking up some grooming products made just for men.

With three other professionally trained barbers, they can provide you with professional, top notch male grooming services. Whether you desire to be a part of a traditional rite of passage and patronize a men’s barbershop, or prefer to have a full menu of salon services available to you all in one place, we all should be a part of the style conversation rather than reciting the number of a clipper comb. Allow your stylist or barber to bring a personal touch to our next haircut. So let me bring you back to hair basics with some terminology (see below) to use when visiting a barbershop (or even salon stylist). Knowing how to describe what you want will help help you avoid any haircut mishaps.

  • Buzz – The length of hair is clippered down to be equal all the way around.
  • Caesar – This style is to be worn with short sides and nape, textured on top, with the movement of the hair and bangs going forward.
  • Cowlick – Where the hair pattern grows in a swirl and typically found at the crown or hairline.
  • Crew – A style where the sides and nape are cut very short and the crown is slightly longer, following the shape of the head.
  • Crown – This is the top of your head where many cowlicks tend to reside.
  • Design – Images are carved typically into a faded cut and are simple to intricate.
  • Fade – An extreme version of a taper cut working with very short lengths.
  • Flat Top – Just like it sounds, literally the top is buzzed straight across leveling out the crown.
  • High & Tight – Your typical military cut with a sort of landing strip going down your crown.
  • Layering – A technique used to create dimension in the hair and if not layered, you can end up with a bowl haircut.
  • Nape – This is at the base of your neck hairline and can be either tapered to gradually fade out to your natural hairline, or blocked off to have a square or shaped appearance.
  • Part – A line that runs through your scalp and is often found in more conservative haircuts.
  • Pompadour – The sides and nape are short, while the top is left long then styled forward and brushed back.
  • Razor Cut – A straight edge that is used to cut the hair in a choppy, less uniform fashion.
  • Receding Hair Line – Where the hairline has moved back further due to thinning or hair loss.
  • Steps – Lines are cut into the temples of a faded cut creating a design of steps.
  • Taper – Graduating hair-length where it is shorter at the temples and nape and longer at the crown.
  • Texturizing – Creating dimension and thinning through sections of the hair.
  • Thinning – A technique using special thinning shears that takes bulk out of thick hair.
  • Classic Cuts and Shaves (Click Link to Fan Page) is a great place to get a shave and a hair cut. Also, to be more in touch with the buy local community, fan the page!

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