Say Good-bye to Your Toddler’s Toothless, Gummy Grin and Say Hello to Their First Dentist Appointment At Destiny Dental!

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Tuesday, April 29th, 2014 9:00 AM CST

Whether your toddler has a mouth filled with teeth or only a few poking through, it’s time to start thinking about keeping their adorable smile healthy. Sure, baby teeth don’t hang around forever (they generally start to fall out to make way for adult teeth by the time your child is six or seven), but it’s still important to keep those tiny teeth — and gums — in tip-top shape while they’re saving the spots for grownup teeth. How do you make sure those pearly whites stay pearly? First teach your toddler to brush his teeth (or tooth) at least twice a day (use nonfluoridated toothpaste until your toddler knows how to spit out the paste fully). Next, book their first dentist appointment at Destiny Dental like we did for our Daughter — if you haven’t already.

Of course, we thought it would be awful but, it wasn’t. So, don’t worry about bringing a big bag of bribes. Destiny Dental’s staff knows how to take care of your child and being they’ve never been to the Dentist, they have no expectations of drills or other things that send the adults running.

When to go. Most experts recommend that you take your child to his first dentist appointment within about six months of his first tooth’s arrival, or by the time he turns one. If, however, your toddler’s teeth are obviously discolored — you’ll probably want to take him to the dentist sooner rather than later.

What will happen. Expect the first dentist visit to Dr. Davis and Robertson  to be short and informal — more of a meet and greet for your child and the dentist.  As for the business of inspecting your tot’s teeth, the dentist will check for decay and take a look at your child’s gums, jaw, and bite. The dentist or the hygienist may clean your child’s teeth and apply a fluoride preparation (particularly if there is a stain or a high risk of cavities) or he or she may save that for the next visit. Chances are, the dentist will talk to you about good oral-hygiene habits — and give you the chance to ask any questions you may have about toddler teething, thumb sucking, tooth-friendly foods, or anything else that pertains to your toddler’s oral health. You may want to bring a list of your questions to the appointment so that you remember them when you’ve got the dentist’s attention.

How often to visit. Based on how your toddler’s teeth look, Destiny Dental will let you know when to make the next visit. Most experts recommend that toddlers see the dentist about every six months — as long as there are no major problems. So don’t forget to schedule your child’s second appointment on your way out the door!

Call Destiny Dental for more questions about your child’s appointment and to schedule an appointment. They are located at 1720 Destiny Lane and can be reached by phone at 842-3554. Don’t forget to fan them on facebook.

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