Novo Dolce Will Open Very Soon At Their New Location 651 31-W ByPass. Friday We Showed the Brunch Menu, Here Is The Regular Menu!

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Monday, March 10th, 2014 10:00 AM CST

Novo Dolce Will Open Very Soon At Their New Location 651 31-W ByPass. Bet You Want A Sneak Peak At The Menu. Well, Here Is The Full Menu & Brunch Menu!

small plates

roasted garlic white bean hummus   6
fresh vegetable selection

charred romaine hearts   9
portobello mushroom/gorgonzola cheese/blood orange balsamic

pimento cheese dip   6
french bread

poutine   7
fries/pepper gravy/bacon/cheddar cheese/green onion

antipasto   10
house selection of meats/creole mustard/cornichon

bruschetta flatbread   6
tomatoes/basil/onion/asiago cheese

fried calamari   9
lemon garlic aioli

house fried chips   4
rosemary/parmesan/garlic/green chili ketchup

portobello mushroom   8
creole mustard/spinach/artichoke hearts/fresh mozzarella

board   6
radishes/gorgonzola herb butter/french bread/sea salt

wings   7
sweet sriracha glaze


chicken 3/ salmon 6

panzanella   8
spring mix/fresh mozzarella/artichokes/tomatoes/ham/salami/
croutons/mango chardonnay vinaigrette

greek   7
spring mix/cucumbers/olives/peppercinis/onions/tomatoes/
feta cheese/croutons/greek dressing

caprese   7
spinach/fresh mozzarella/tomatoes/basil/croutons/
balsamic vinaigrette

ceasar   6

magnolia   8
baby kale/brussel sprouts/cabbage/apples/walnuts/cranberries/gorgonzola/
prosciutto/crouton/citrus vinaigrette dressing

soup of the day   cup 4/bowl 5


chicken 3/salmon 6

fra diavolo   9
penne noodles/bacon/garlic/spicy tomato cream sauce

puttanesca   9
spaghetti noodles/olive tapenade/capers/anchovies/fresh herbs/
white wine butter sauce

primavera   10
penne noodles/seasonal vegetables/parmesan cheese cream sauce

calamari   12
spaghetti noodles/mushroom blend/chorizo/garlic aioli

lobster mac & cheese   12   
lobster ravioli/bacon & parmesan breadcrumbs/mornay sauce


rustic potato   9
olive oil/gorgonzola/mozzarella/potatoes/bacon/red onions/oregano

tomato florentine   9
garlic parmesan cheese sauce/spinach/mozzarella/tomatoes/
mushrooms/prosciutto/olive oil/oregano

siciliano   9
tomato sauce/mozzarella/pepperoni/salami/ham/prosciutto/oregano

margherita   8
olive oil/basil/tomatoes/mozzarella

smoked salmon   10
roasted garlic asiago cheese sauce/arugula/red onioin/radish/capers

all sandwiches served panini style with your choice of fries/chips/pasta salad/soup

fried bologna   8
mortadella/pimento cheese/apple slaw

smoked salmon blt   10
smoked salmon/bacon/lettuce/tomato/roasted garlic lemon aioli

grilled cheese   8
pimento cheese/swiss/asiago

chicken asiago   9
chicken/spinach/tomato/roasted garlic asiago cheese spread

caprese   8
fresh mozzarella/tomato/basil/olive oil/balsamic vinaigrette

turkey pastrami reuben   8
turkey pastrami/sauerkraut/swiss cheese/spicy mustard

spicy italian   9
balsamic vinaigrette

blue & swiss   8
blue cheese/swiss cheese/arugula/tomato/apple/orange dijon mayo

burger of the day   9
ask server for details

pub favorites

bangers and mash   10
pepper gravy

fish and chips   12
beer battered haddock/fries/tartar sauce/slaw  

chicken milanese   12
aruguala/radish/parmesan/capers/citrus vinaigrette

grilled ribeye   15
herb gorgonzola butter/tobacco onions/fries or mash

baked haddock   12  
garlic/tomatoes/capers/onion/basil/seasonal vegetables

parmesan crusted salmon   14
basil pesto sauce/seasonal vegetables

beer braised short ribs   13
mashed potatoes


crazy southern   10
fried chicken livers/buttermilk biscuits/chorizo gravy/fries   

breakfast of champions   6
broiled grapefruit/puffed rice/granola/local honey   

short rib hash   9
beef short ribs/potatoes/peppers/onions/mushrooms/spinach/fried egg

hangover   9
burger/fried egg/bacon kimchi/cheese/fries

english breakfast   10
bacon/sausage/fried eggs/tomatoes/beans

huevos rancheros   9
tortillas/beans/enchilada sauce/fried eggs/cheese/green onions

hot brown   8
turkey pastrami/bacon/mornay sauce/tomato/fries  

b&g   5
two buttermilk biscuits/chorizo gravy

delights   2                        extras   3

mimosa                            bacon
bloody mary                        sausage
dolce bellini                       eggs    

Novo Dolce Gastro Pub (Click Link to Friend the Page and this one to fan) is a great place for great food, drink and is open for lunch/dinner/late night as well as Saturday & Sunday. We look forward to working with Novo Dolce’s new location a locally owned businesses that helps you relax and enjoy life in South Central Kentucky. Located at 651 31-W ByPass.


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