Get To Know Derek Shane Ellis, of Cloud 9 Hookah!

By Andrew Simkins, hookahclouds.com
Thursday, March 6th, 2014 1:00 PM CST

We love what we do, and we love that so many of you love what we do. To help all of our awesome customers get to know us a little better, we decided every couple of days we will post a little bio about one of us! Let us kick things off with our resident poet, musician, and Assistant Manager…Derek!

Derek was born in Cincinnati, Ohio. He lived in New Carlisle, Ohio for about 4 years of his life. He then moved with his parents to a small town called Owenton, Kentucky. There he went to a high school whose graduating class of 2010 was a whopping 95 students. He played football from fourth grade until his senior year in high school and played as the center on the offensive line for that same duration.

Derek is a senior at Western Kentucky University and is studying English for Secondary Teachers, and for all you who are wondering what that is – he simply wants to be a high school English teacher. Derek is also a musician and has played the bass guitar for seven years. He had a band based out of Bowling Green, Kentucky for quite some time called, “The Royal Knockout.” After that band dispersed he has recently formed a new project called, “Lady Grace.”

He has a twin brother who is also playing drums for his current band. Derek is an enthusiast of literature, art, theatre, and poetry. His favorite author is Jane Austen. He aspires to one day be a professor and teach English Literature at a university somewhere. He enjoys local coffee shops and frequents Spencer’s coffee on Bowling Green’s square often. He likes his coffee black, and enjoys hot tea as well. Also, he is a frequent patron of the local barbershop, “Classic Cuts,” which is located off the Bowling Green downtown square – if anyone was interested. He is the owner of a Regal Hookah and his favorite brand of shisha is Tangiers. As for Derek’s favorite flavor he is partial to Tangiers Orange Soda, but is excited to try Tangiers Pumpkin due to his obsession with Pumpkin flavored anything.
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