It’s Almost Time To Take Your Sweetheart to Community Farmer’s Market. Check Out Community Farmer’s Market’s Vendor of the Week: ATP Greenhouse.

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Saturday, February 15th, 2014 7:00 AM CST

The Origin & Dream:

Who is the mastermind between ATP Greenhouse, you ask…

The answer is Michael Robbins. He is the son of Gary and Betty Robbins, who you might often see working the ATP Greenhouse booth at CFM. Michael started the business in 2010 and named it in honor of Betty’s dad, Michael’s grandfather. As you may have guessed, “ATP” were his grandfather’s initials. Michael and his grandfather were very close when he was growing up, and he felt it only fitting to name his business endeavor after a man that played such an influential role in his life.
The farm is located in Butler County, KY (Morgantown) and includes a 120 sq. ft. greenhouse. Their biggest crop is tomatoes. Their biggest customers are Houchens IGA and Bowling Green City Schools. You may find that their tomatoes and pickles are showing up on your child’s lunch plate–how about that?!?

Produce/Pre-Made Goods:

The produce yield that one might see at the market from this KY Proud vendor according to season is as follows: heritage tomatoes, cabbage, “Peaches & Cream” corn, cucumbers, squash, greens, sweet potatoes, onions, and just a little bit of everything else. They also have a variety of canned vegetables, including pickles, saur kraut, pears, etc. Betty makes and sales some spectacular baked goods like red velvet cupcakes, fried apple pies, carrot cake, and pound cake. She is open for custom baked item orders, as well. Be on the look out for a newly featured item called “home cooked meals to go.” They are baskets full of baked goods, veggies, eggs, and pre-made entrees (lasagna, soup). You can reserve yours prior to market or purchase on day of.

What They Want You To Know:

Michael, Gary, and Betty would like to thank Community Farmers Market and their customers for being a welcoming haven for their business. It was at the market that they met Kim Simpson, who is over food service and nutrition at Bowling Green City Schools. It was with her help, that a plan was developed for introducing more local food to our school children. And it is at the market every Tuesday and Saturday that they have the pleasure of interacting with friendly and supportive people who believe in their business.
Michael, Gary, and Betty would also like their consumers to know that their produce is raised to maturity WITHOUT the application of pesticides. They, however, utilize fertilizer to aide with nourishment to their crops causing the designation of “certified organic” to be unattainable at this time. For further answers to questions about their growing practices utilize the contact information below.

 Contact Info:

Micheal can be contacted by phone and email.
Phone: 270-999-1305
Email: ml.robbins@live.com

Gary may be contacted at:

Betty may be contacted for custom orders at:

Check out Community Farmers Market facebook page.  ‘Community Farmers’ Market’  A great place to make your food that much better and learn more about Folk Arts and other fine things being produced by our community.

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