Today Is Community Farmer’s Market’s Tuesday Market Day! Let’s Take A Look At The Vendors of the Week: Dacia Shoemaker Jenna Settle Melissa Jolly!

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Tuesday, February 11th, 2014 12:00 PM CST

This week the market is showcasing these three lovely ladies in one post because their work will be found together each week at one booth. Each of their aesthetics are pleasing to the eye—their creative styles are matchless.

Dacia Shoemaker

Dacia started selling at the market in 2010, but her creativity blossomed far before that. She has been creating most of her life. Her master craft is sewing and projects are varied in nature. Her greatest passion, however, is re-purposing vintage fabric or clothes into new things–and she is skilled at it too!! Dacia also paints, draws, knits, and designs amazing things. If you are interested in checking out her latest interior design aesthetic mosey on over to Home Cafe, where she and several other skilled designers created the cozy vibe. Currently, Dacia is focusing efforts on creating neck ties out of vintage fabric, alterations, and custom orders. If you are interested in contacting her for a commissioned piece of artwork or a custom order, email her at the following address: cobblerswife@gmail.com.

Jenna Settle

Jenna (Moore) Settle has been creating since before she can remember. She and Dacia started selling at the market, however, around the same time. Jenna, too, has a wide variety of wares to be sold. At this time, she is focusing her attention on creating quaint terrariums, unique cooking utensils, and hand stamps fabrics/prints. Her skills, however, are not limited to any of the above. During the day, Jenna spends her time as a graphic designer at Studio Calico. In her free time, she devotes time to friends, family, travel, creating her unique items for sale, and designing interior spaces. Her design work can also be seen at Home Cafe and Marketplace. Jenna is equipped to make eclectic custom orders, as well. She may be reached at the following email for requests: jenna.beth.moore@gmail.com.

Melissa Jolly

Melissa Jolly is the jewelry-maker of the bunch, though her skills are not limited to just that, as well. She has been making jewelry since the year 2000, and for the past 14 years has created a style that is unique and attractive. Melissa makes earrings, necklaces, and custom pieces. She is passionate about finding the right beads and purchasing them from people with whom she has a close personal tie. Her beads are purchased within the United States from home businesses much like her own. She takes special care in hand-picking her beads; which often are simply chosen because they catch her creative eye. Her passion lies in making a quality product that is affordable–she keeps all her earring prices at $10. Melissa hopes to reopen her Etsy shop soon while continuing to sell at the Community Farmers Market. If you would like to contact Melissa about commissioning a piece use the following contact information: jollydoula@gmail.com or 270-791-9508.

Check out Community Farmers Market facebook page.  ‘Community Farmers’ Market’  A great place to make your food that much better and learn more about Folk Arts and other fine things being produced by our community.

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