St. Paul and The Broken Bones (a blue eyed Southern soul band surging to national fame) Newest Limited Edition Vinyl EP is available now at Mellow Matt’s Music & More!

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Friday, February 7th, 2014 9:00 AM CST

We at Buy Local Bowling Green have been fans of St. Paul Broken Bones after hearing about them playing some shows in 2013 in Nashville. We’re very excited that Mellow Matt’s Music and More has their Limited Edition Vinyl EP featuring their song ‘Call Me:’

Seems we weren’t the only ones since Garden and Gun wrote a great piece on them in this month’s issue.

If you check out the video for “Call Me” by St. Paul and the Broken Bones, the first thing you notice is the natty attire. The horn section is in crisp shirts and ties, and front man Paul Janeway wears a suit jacket and pocket square. But then Janeway’s thunderous voice takes over: a raspy, rafter-rattling soul powerhouse that propels him to shimmy his way across the stage like Mick Jagger at a backwoods tent revival.

The preaching comparison isn’t just a metaphor. The twenty-eight-year-old Janeway grew up in Chelsea, Alabama, in a devout family in which secular music was largely forbidden. At the church he and his family attended, worship included raucous save-my-soul services during which Janeway was often asked to testify through song to the audience. “It was a lot of Holy Roller type of stuff,” he says. “I snuck in a little Sam Cooke and Otis Redding, but the rest of my music was learned through the church. But it taught me one thing: I know how to read a crowd.”

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Like their page and find out about their new music on Smallhouse Road! Fan their facbook page here and you can find them at 1200 Smallhouse Rd Unit C, (270) 780-0068.

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