Community Farmer’s Market’s Vendor of the Week: TOP CROPS!

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Friday, January 25th, 2014 9:00 AM CST

As was introduced for the first time last week, each week we will be showcasing one of our many and varied vendors. This week, the spotlight turns on Top Crops.

The Origin & Dream:

The business idea was born out of a personal passion–Bill and Carol Greer’s daughter, Ginna, would soon be graduating from Greenwood High School and as a special needs adult would have limited community opportunities to realize her potential as a contributing member to the workforce. With this in mind, Top Crops was created. The vision was then and in fruition, is now, that Ginna and other special needs adults would have one more way to realize their potential and the community, this population’s importance, by working as Top Crop gardeners and market sales persons.
The business launched in 2013 on land leased by WKU, close to the Ag Farm. Raised garden beds and one high tunnel provide locally grown, high quality produce that are planted and tended, and will be harvested and sold by Ginna and six other special needs adults.
The hope is that by this summer the business will support 10-15 employees, and in subsequent years will become a well known option for growing this population’s potential. Top Crops views themselves as a launching point, an advocate, an empower-er of sorts to special needs adults who will in the near future be entrusted with jobs and careers across the city.


The current produce yield that one might see at the market from this vendor are as follows: kale, leaf lettuce, mustard greens, radishes, collard greens, and broccoli. In the spring, expect to see a higher yield with the addition of produce from raised bed gardens. There will be a variety of vegetables, herbs, and flowers. Be on the look out for themed boxes that will include fresh ingredients necessary for constructing a pizza or spaghetti sauce–a very cool idea!

What They Want You To Know:

An endeavor committed to helping populations realize their potential and to change preconceived notions will even further their cause with ample community support. Their is much room for volunteers at this time; and especially, at this juncture, in the areas of gardening expertise and marketing. Please contact Bill or Carol, contact information listed below, if you’re interested in giving a hand.

Contact Info:

Bill and Carol can be contacted by phone and email.
Phone: 270-791-2350 or 270-779-9147
Email: topcrops.garden@gmail.com

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