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Friday, January 31st, 2014 7:00 AM CST

A total body vibration fitness studio for all ages, shapes, and sizes.

Come in during your free time and enjoy our no sweat workout that will put you on the fast track to losing inches!

Our membership includes free training, use of our saunas, measurement tracking and alkaline water!

Fast, easy and friendly for those who are looking for a way to:

-Lose weight
-Increase metabolism
-Decrease cellulite
-Increase muscle strength
-Improve flexibility
-Loosen lower back
-Increase range of motion
-Tone and firm muscles
-Improve mobility
-Improve coordination
-Massage muscles
-Low-impact exercise, kind on the joints
-Perfect for all ages including seniors

No contract, No hidden Fees. There is so much to learn about them and we’ll cover them more later. If you want to learn more now go to their facebook page. Also fan them here.

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