Community Farmer’s Market’s Vendor of the Week: Brynnly Naturals!

By CFM, communityfarmersmarketbg.com
Saturday, January 25th, 2014 8:00 AM CST

Each week we will be showcasing one of our many and varied vendors. This week, the spotlight shines on Brynnly Naturals.

The Origin & Dream:
Brynnly Naturals was the brain-child of Brian Walker and Melissa Henry in 2012. Brian had been shopping at a Whole Foods in Nashville and ran into a lady who was bringing in her soaps to sell at the store. After a long conversation, Brian was convinced that he and Melissa could forage their own path in the natural cosmetics world. The operation began in their home and continues there today. Their dream is that someday the business will grow to sustain full time employment and a store front while keeping the original integrity of the product exactly the same. For now, they sell their full range of product at the Community Farmers Market on Saturdays and lip balms at Mary Jane’s Chocolates everyday.

Brian and Melissa are passionate about the contents of their products. Ingredients are listed on the label and can clearly be recognized. The ingredients that you’ll often see listed include but are not limited to: coconut oil, shea butter, varied essential oils, etc. Products can be custom made to your preferences, as well. The products that have become especially popular are as follows:
~Blueberry Poppyseed soap
~Cinnamilk & Oats Soap (goats’ milk based)
~Lipbalms (Chocolate Covered Strawberry–YUM!)
~Lotion Bars
~Sugar Scrubs
~Body Lotion
~Bath Bombs
~Body Wash/Shampoo

What They Want You To Know:
~Be on the lookout for some upcoming products including: salt soaps, shaving soap, and shampoos/conditioners.
~Brian and Melissa are able and willing to ship any products or the combination of several to anyone out of the area. Stop by their booth or website to find out how.
~Brynnly Naturals tries to accommodate a wide range of clientele, so if you don’t find what you’re looking for, just ask!

Contact Info:
Find them on Facebook, Twitter, and the Web at the following addresses:

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