Why Did We Choose To Shop at Bowling Green Pipe and Cigar and Support Local instead of Online?

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Monday, January 13th, 2014 8:00 AM CST

Everyone who goes to Ireland or England speaks of the pubs and the conversation that permeates the pub. It’s sort of like that at Bowling Green Pipe and Cigar, just minus the accents (we’re Southern, we don’t have accents). Sure, there are a lot of things we think about when we decide to shop online for anything, more so for cigars, as there are a number of problems you most likely will encounter by shopping online. We live in an area that has the one of the best Cigar shops in Kentucky and it’s almost unneeded to shop online for cigars. Sure we check out several of the online cigar sites for reviews and upcoming cigars from all the  favorite brands. A lot of time, the sites just copy and paste the information from the cigar companies websites, but a few have real reviews from real cigar smokers.

All this said, no source on the internet will be as good or interactive as Chris or Andrew who work in the industry daily. A personal opinion suited for what you are looking for. This, and a chance to feel and smell the product before you and then the ability to carry it out with you on the spot. This isn’t like buying a dishpan online. This is a product where professional advice and personal preference is best helped in person. Buying cigars and pipe tobacco online is like buying fruits and vegetables online.

Gift Cards are available which is another great reason to choose the local shop over online. Check out Bowling Green Pipe and Cigar on facebook. Located at 434 East Main on fountain square you can reach them at 904-2285. Open Monday through Saturday 11:00 am-8:00 pm.

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