Handmade Silks From Here In Bowling Green by Marsch Inspiration! One of the Best Gifts We’ve Ever Purchased Locally!

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Monday, January 6th, 2014 7:30 AM CST

Some 98 percent of the clothing purchased in the United States is imported from abroad. That number also includes silks and other items used as clothing accessories. In Bowling Green, we have an option for beautiful, locally made silks (and other clothes) thanks to Marsch Inspirations. This Christmas we purchased about 5 of them and they went over very well! Not long ago Melissa showed us how the Silks are made:


The one thing about locally made items is that sometimes we have to order in advance. That happens to be the case if you want a specific look at Marsch Inspirations. Marsch Inspirations is located at 815 Broadway Avenue. You can reach them by phone at 270-535-7135 or fan them on facebook. Call and order today a special made silk or check out the ones already in stock!

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