To Go Service Now Available at Spencer’s Coffee!

By R. Justin Shepherd, spencersbg.tumblr.com
Monday, December 30th, 2013 10:00 AM CST

Starting Monday, Dec. 30, and continuing until the week of Jan. 13, Spencer’s Coffee will be serving the “Drink” side of our menu (coffee, espresso drinks, chai, etc.) out of the lobby next door. Drinks will be to-go only, and we’ll be open 7a-3p M-F and 8a-3p Sat. Whole-bean coffee will also be available.

If you’ve been by in the past couple weeks, you’ve likely heard a bit of noise coming from the back end of the store. And if you’ve headed for the restrooms, you’ve been sent down a new hallway to a previously unseen part of the building.

What you haven’t noticed are all the plans we’ve been making — behind the scenes, for the past few months, as our business nears its 11th year of operation. The plans, in short, are as follows:

1.) More “operational capacity” (i.e. physical space in which to make delicious stuff for you). Our kitchen has never been roomy, but over the past year or so it’s become nearly impossible to keep up with orders during busy lunches or other peak times. Our storage is maxed out, our layout designed a decade ago for far less volume. And we’ve got some new items we’ve been itching to try, but have hesitated because of the space issues. This renovation should fix all that and more.

2.) More seats. That big, bold orange wall? That’s going away — and the dead-space hallway and poorly designed rooms behind it are already gone. Instead, there’ll be about 30 new seats (two-person and four-person tables, and a laptop bar that should seat 5-7).

3.) Refreshed aesthetics. We love our centuries-old brick — in fact, you’ll now see a whole lot more of it — but the lighting, menu and paint can all be improved. (Not to mention the tartan carpet, for which we can think of no valid excuse.)

We’re investing a lot of time, money and effort into this project, and we’re hopeful it’ll be finished by January 13. And we’re so thankful that Bowling Green has embraced our vision for a great place with great food and drink — you are the reason we continue to grow. We hope you’ll keep your coffee business with us over the next couple weeks, and keep your patience with us as our kitchen and seating are closed during the remainder of the renovation. And we can’t wait to unwrap our belated Christmas present for you, just as soon as the elves are done working.

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