Tomorrow, Ilya Abelsky the Russian Designer is Bringing More Faberage Style Eggs to Morris Jewelry!

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Thursday, December 12th, 2012 11:00 AM CST

Many of you have asked about the Jeweled Eggs that Morris Jewelry brought in last year for Christmas Items. Some thought that it was a one time only event. Good news, it was not. It was the launch of this stellar line. The story of these eggs make it worth keeping in store year round. Well, good news keeps coming. Ilya Abelsky the Russian Designer is bringing more faberage style eggs to Morris Jewelry Friday and Saturday!

The story of the jeweled egg started in St. Petersburg, Russia in late 1800′s. In keeping with the centuries old Russian tradition of celebrating Easter with three kisses and the gift of an egg. Czar Alexander accepted Peter Carl Faberge’s idea of creating a jeweled egg with a surprise inside for his wife. The success of this gift resulted in an imperial commission for a Faberge egg every year. This is only the beginning of the history of the Beautiful Eggs and Morris Jewelry features Ilya Abelsky jeweled eggs. Some of you may have come to meet Mr. Abelsky at Morris Jewelers recently.

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