Meet Community Farmers Market’s Sunny Point Gardens. A family owned and operated farm!

By Emily Aldridge, Community Farmers Market
Tuesday, November 19th, 2013 11:00 AM CST

Sunny Point Gardens is a family owned and operated farm located in Edmonson County, Kentucky.  Owners Alan and Saundra Davis grow fruit, vegetables, herbs and beautiful cut flowers using only the highest-quality, organic growing methods.  Their produce is available through their CSA program (community supported agriculture) or at Community Farmers Market Bowling Green.

Since the farm first began selling produce three years ago, Sunny Point customers have grown accustomed to their trademark greens.  A variety of lettuces, hardy greens like kale and collards, and exotic offerings like mizuna and swiss chard are all part of the regular harvest.  Alan and Saundra carefully triple wash and dry their greens, and customers notice what a difference it makes in the quality, convenience, and lasting freshness of their greens.
While Sunny Points offers a wide-variety of produce, Davis sees his niche in offering these trademark greens to the Bowling Green area.  The farm currently utilizes several high tunnels, which can significantly extend the growing season.  However, the next project for Sunny Point involves the installation of a NFT hydroponic system, which will allow the harvest of nutritious greens year round.  The nutrient film technique uses only naturally mined minerals and water in a circulating solution to grow plants above ground without soil.  The process uses significantly less water than traditional field crops and produces a natural, healthy, and long-lasting product.
Sunny Point Gardens is dedicated to providing nutritious and delicious produce to the Bowling Green area, and finding new ways to offer more healthy local food to more south central Kentuckians. View this short video to learn more about their farming practices and standards.  Stop by Community Farmers Market to share in their next harvest.

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